Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is not an off the road vehicle

My children, the older ones especially, probably remember that phrase.  Something I learned the hard way with our Chevy van when I drove the kids down to the river and got stuck in the rocks.   Something we would repeat often when one of our motoring adventures looked like it might be getting too adventuresome.  Apparently, something I need to remember about my bicycle. 

I probably should avoid riding on cobblestone streets, boardwalks, and rough railroad tracks.  Also, be wary of near-collisions which send me staggering to the side of the path.  After the near collision yesterday – coming out of Old Sacramento, I swerved around some pedestrians, not realizing until too late that another bicycler was passing me.  We actually did body bump and my bike and I kind of bounced to the side.  We both apologized; he looked to see that I was still upright, and rode on –

Anyway, after the near collision, I noticed that my front brake was acting a bit funny.   Going home, it was rubbing against my wheel.  I couldn’t figure out how to stop that, so I rode home with it disengaged.  Joseph looked at my bike last night.  It appears that a spring or two is lost or broken. 

This morning I noticed that my back brake is also rubbing sometimes.  And my back wheel is a little wobbly.  Not good. But I rode in – even though  I really wanted a mental health day. 

I was going to do a lunch time ride, anyway, but when I pulled Sylvia out of her locker, she just seemed too gimpy.  I hope we do ok going home this evening.

I am feeling gimpy, too.  A couple of joints making me a bit too aware of them.

I am trying to figure out the logistics of taking her in to the bike shop for a day.  That mental health day just might be in the works tomorrow.  I need to watch that.  I so often find myself wishing I could have many more days at home. 

Yesterday, my supervisor asked me a couple of times if I was ok, which I was.  I rather wish she would ask me today.  I could honestly answer  that I am functional but not feeling top form. Which would set me up for calling in tomorrow.   The work has been slow enough lately missing a day now and then doesn’t cause any stress.  Just wish I didn’t have to burn leave time.

On my bike or on the computer,  lunch break flies by.

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