Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lock 'er Up!

Thursday afternoon the gal who handles our transit discount vouchers  and the bike lockers for Parks came to my office with 3 keys in her hand.  She had done some shake downs and found lockers that were not being used.  Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone, but I think she moved me up the line a little.  I used to email a couple of times a year asking where I was on the list.  I also submitted  ideas for more bike lockers.  It is well know that I bike daily year round. In other words, I showed  sincere interest.  She not only gave me a little boost, she let me choose which of the 3 lockers I wanted.  We went down together and she opened each one. The one I got was slightly easier to open, NOT full of cobwebs and on an end which I like.  Sweet 16! Nice happy birthday to me!  (16 is the locker.  I am *cough* multiples of 16)

I put my bike in the locker right away.  Slight problem, either the locker door is a little too low, or my bike handlebar  a bit too high, but it took some wrestling and tilting to get the bike in.  Saturday, Joseph and I went to the bike shop.  He had gotten me a new front basket for my bicycle, but we couldn’t install it because of my quick release wheel.  We exchanged the basket.  I also had them lower my handlebars and rotate them.  I had been riding with my arms fully extended forward.  Now they are pretty nearly fully extended but a little more down.  The bike slides right in!  Joseph also got me a quick release extension bar for people without enough room on their bars.  We put my headlights on that (one to flash and a brighter steady one).  I take the extension bar off the handlebar to put the bike in the locker, but that is easy and fits  better than the lights directly on the handlebar.

Now that I have a bike locker, my bike is safer from thieves,  won’t be out in the winter weather all day, AND I can go out on a lunch time ride and have a place to park when I get back!  

 Friday, I rode over to California Parks Foundation Park(ing) Day.  A temporary mini park set up in a couple of parking spaces.  They had a fire ring and camp chairs, little trees, and a petition and postcard for the Governor asking him to save our parks.  A futile effort, I fear, but we must try.

Yesterday,  I rode south out past the Sacramento Marina to the end of Miller Park on the river then back north through Old Sacramento (cobblestone streets and wooden board walks are BUMPY!) to the Sacramento History Museum.

Today I rode to the Old City Cemetery where the Native Plant Society has some areas planted with (would you guess) native California plants.  I am thinking about planting some native plants in my yard.
It is quite nice to get a mini get-away!

When I got back today, my supervisor said she doesn’t like me having a bike locker because she cannot come talk to me at my desk during lunch now.  Another plus.  : )

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