Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Days as usual

As Andrew is going about the business of life biking around town alone and because I worry, I did a little (admittedly very little) on-line research, then stopped by Target on the way home last Friday and got him a Trac phone. I don’t see going to the expense of getting him a Verizon phone right now as Benjamin will be leaving on his mission in a few months and Andrew can take custody of the “boy phone” then.  

In part of his biking around town - Andrew went to his Dad’s to help out Friday – after taking care of our freezer  exchange.  Emptying out the old freezer, dealing with the delivery people, and filling the new freezer.   I am not totally thrilled with the freezer, but it will be very nice to have frost free.  The ancient one we were using was one I got for something like $25 from a neighbor.  Before that I had a chest freezer which I liked, but had had for decades and it got to where  we had been duct-taping the lid for quite some time.  It’s day was over.  I find that, unlike most of my friends, I prefer chest, but they take up a lot of floor space and I don’t think they come frost free.  So I got this upright.  It is a bit smaller than the old one, but I figure not having ice formations taking up space will counter that.  Actually, I hope to figure out how to afford space and money to get a small chest freezer as well.  Sometime in the future – All you upright lovers, tell me how you get a decent amount of food in there without having an avalanche when you open the door?

Andrew went over to his dad’s from about 11-5 Friday, wonderful young man that he is (Andrew, not Glen).  Fortunately, a neighbor suggested they bolt the ramp down so Glen is no longer so concerned that the ramp might be stolen so Andrew doesn’t have to get it out and put it away every time Glen wants to go anywhere. When that looked like it was going to be the case, Andrew had a complex chart drawn up to try to accommodate school, quorum responsibilities, meetings, and Glen.  He was even going to miss half on one class’s meetings.   As it was, Andrew helped Glen with some chores and shopping.  He thinks that he can just go over and help once a week instead of the complicated and demanding, weird hours, daily schedule Andrew was looking at when he was on ramp duty.  Since that happy thought however, I had to discuss a bit of business with Glen who said that he wanted someone to be there whenever he goes in or out because he is unsteady on the ramp. He is working his State job from home and taking a few more days off from his security job which is why he thinks Andrew doesn’t have to come every day this week.   He has not asked Andrew yet.  Andrew cannot stay even if he wanted to.  He has obligations and responsibilities.  Oh, if it were really necessary he could make arrangements. Andrew may be the only one of his children willing to help so much.  David and Teresa have helped with driving chores, but I think there was no thought of asking David to help with the odd hour schedule which included middle of the night.  Hopefully, Glen can get better used to the ramp and learn to handle it on his own very quickly.  I know there are a couple of ideas to make it safer – tennis balls on the legs of his walker and going down the ramp backwards so he is not pitching forward downhill.  Glen should have a prostheses and be walking pretty normally by the end of October.   Anyway, Andrew is pretty awesome.
As he often does, wonderful young man that he is, Benjamin made dinner Friday night– pizza – Friday is often pizza night.  I think once Esther told Benjamin that Friday is pizza night at their house.

I spent much of the evening observing Joseph and Andrew figuring out the new phone and talking on (another) phone to one of my daughters.  Benjamin felt a bit neglected.  He didn’t pout much.  He came up with a plan.  Forced Family Fun Friday.  He baked cookies, put on a movie, and gathered us round to learn to play Chapter and Verse.  http://chapterandversegame.blogspot.com/   We just played simple basic because some of us were tired  and hadn’t seen it before. 

Saturday was a busy day. 

I dropped Andrew and Benjamin and their bicycles off at Elk Grove Park where they helped work on maintaining a dirt bike park.  They planned to bike home, I would have picked them up had they called, but another Institute person gave them a lift home.  

Joseph, Anna and I went to the Great American River Clean-Up.  Not sure whether it was because there was less litter or because there were so many volunteers, but we only picked up a small amount of trash in the hour or so we worked.  

Then we did chores – took my bike to the bike shop expecting to leave it and hoping to pick it up later in the afternoon, but they worked on it while we waited, went to Costco for much needed gas in the car and a quick, light shopping trip – over $200.  Oops. 

Saturday evening we went to movie night at Okie Park and saw Gnomeo and Juliet.  That was fun.  We enjoyed  it.  However, it is not going on my must buy list.  

Sunday was a busy day, too.  

Our Home Teacher visited us before church Sunday.  I took Sophie (my laptop) to church for the first time.   I thought that I would either nap or write letters  on Sophie while Andrew and Benjamin were in choir.  Sophie, had her own ideas – installing updates.   I socialized.  I did take notes on Sophie during Sacrament Meeting.  Not great notes, but it helped me resist the too-often tendency to drift off.  While the last speaker was talking, I got a text from Liz R.  She wasn’t feeling well, had just awakened, could I teach her Primary class.  I got the text telling me which lesson when we were about to sing the closing song.  Fortunately, the kids are very cooperative and the lesson was based on a scripture event I had recently read.

We had my birthday dinner with Hinds, Miriam, and Debi Sunday evening.  French dip and fruit salad.  Delicious!  And dessert!  Homemade chocolate cookie cup filled with homemade chocolate ice cream, topped with homemade whipped cream and decorated with homemade chocolate – I don’t know what you call it – filigree – hearts, flowers, and I love you.  A treat for the eyes and the palate. 

 Busy and pleasant weekend. Over too soon, as usual.

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for mentioning Chapter and Verse in your blog, and including a link! I'm very curious to hear Benjamin's thoughts about the game, as I'm in the process of pitching it to various publishers. I can be contacted at mrkhmusic @ yahoo.com