Saturday, July 7, 2007


Copying from Muum and in honor of today's lucky 7s -

7 things about me :

1 I am the oldest child and oldest daughter to at least the 3rd power. Myself, my mother, and her mother (I am pretty sure about Grandma'Rora - need to do some research). My bio-father was also the oldest child (but sadly lacked some oldest child qualities)

2. I am left handed (and therefore in my right mind?). It is rather nice for left and right handed people to date and wed because then they can easily hold hands while eating.

3. I like jury duty.

4. Although I want to be good and try to be good, I struggle with the 7 deadly sins.

5. Two more deadly sins - procrastination and conflict avoidance.

6. I am a boring person, which. while not generally unpleasant to live, is a real handicap for things like this, conversations, and letter writing.

7. I like to shower, then soak - with a book IF I have time.

Heads up, 7-up. Would you like to play?


  1. always good to hear from you, we are having Sacramento-type heat in Utah, hope you all are not melting there!

  2. Teresa and I have noticed the left & right handed thing too.

  3. I hardly find you boring. i think your insights are quite ......insightful.
    I was baffled by #3, though. LOL.

  4. I guess I should leave my name...