Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life is not an exact science, it is an art. Samuel Butler, the younger

I do wish I were a better artist!

My youngest flew to Disneyland and returned safely. We were both a
bit nervous about him traveling alone, but my sisters arrived in
Orange County before him and departed after him, so he was not on
alone while away except for his flights. Of course he had a great
time. The other guys and I are only mildly jealous. At least not
more jealous that we didn't go than happy that he did. He brought us
back momentos that assured us that he really did think of us while off
enjoying himself. Very sweet. He even brought back most of the food
money I sent with him. He spent his own money first. Good,
responsible, unselfish lad.

Ben has returned home to the "glad" tidings that the troop has chosen
him as its new Senior Patrol Leader. Naturally. The last SPL moved
away, leaving our troop with only 3 Life Scouts, 2 of which have
already served terms as SPL. It is a big job. Plan, organize and
lead the Troop meetings and try to keep the boys in line. I rather
expected him to be in a bit of a mood after the Scoutmaster came over
and gave him the good news. Instead, I found him full of plans and
ideas how to utilize the boys in various troop positions, thinking
about the boys, their needs and their talents. I think he will be a
fine leader.

Andrew has begun receiving mail from various people of note
congratulating him on becoming an Eagle Scout. The first one was from
former President Carter. Actually, that is not true, we count as the
first one, a letter from Elder Larson, servant of the Lord, friend,
Eagle Scout and legendary former SPL. He didn't seem to care if I
wrote to dignitaries on his behalf, but now he does seem to be a
little tickled to get their notes. It is rather fun.

Ben came home. Hinds, having purchased their own, returned HP7 (Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows – on the remote chance you didn't
know). Rather than wait for Reading Club which he wanted to wait for
him and did, he glommed on to the book and had himself a read-a-thon.
Now Andrew has it. Joseph and I are still waiting. What happened to
reading it together???!!! What happened to the person who actually
went out and bought and paid for the book getting to read it?! Sigh.
People keep dropping hints and spoilers. The up side is, everyone
seems to like it.

Maybe I feel a fever coming on. I need to stay in bed. Maybe just
read a little rest and light reading.
No. No time for that.

Babysat Tuffy last weekend while her folks went and got themselves a
daughter-in-law. (And Ben was away. I really missed him!) Nice dog,
but not my type. Helps me appreciate my own dog. Except today. For
no apparent reason, Anna turned on a dog (German Shepherd or shepherd
mix) that wanted to either play with her or play with the ball she was
chasing. She was downright nasty. End of playtime for her. I would
have taken her home, but just then my friend, Carolin, arrived, so I
just kept Anna on lead.

Other sad dog news. No more Anna and Chloe weekend play dates. Debi
has decided that it costs too much gas to come to my dog park, so she
is going to take Chloe to the Elk Grove Park. Not only do I think
that costs too much gas for me, but I often meet up with friends on
the weekend, and I like my Granite Regional Dog Park better. Except I
hear they have an obstacle course new since I visited there. Might
want to check that out some time. I tell Debi to bring Chloe to keep
Anna company when we have Sunday dinner, but so far, she hasn't gone
for it.

doggone it, time's up!


  1. We may still come to your park now and then.. just not 2 times a week.. gas is expensive you know!

  2. Ben is a sweet guy. :)

    I think if you bought the book you should have told them they could wait for you to read it. And that's poor taste, dropping hints and spoilers. :( Ryan's still reading - he's a slow reader. It's been killing me!!! But, I've been good! We haven't talked about it AT ALL. :) He should be done soon. Yay!