Friday, July 13, 2007

blah blog

Not much time to blog and not all that much to blog about.

I get up and get ready for work, take my dog to the dog park, bring
her home and feed her, go catch light rail to work. With Seminary out
for the summer, I do these things at a less frantic pace. During
Seminary, I throw the boys and dog out of the car as I rush to catch
light rail and Ben feeds the dog. I have experimented a bit with
having breakfast at home and catching a later train in, but it doesn't
really work. So, I try to catch an early train and eat at my desk.
Sometimes I have a few minutes for personal business, or I start early
and give myself a longer lunch. I am trying to walk more, as I had
gotten down to hardly walking at all, and I NEED to walk.

I essentially have 3 hours in the evening between getting home and
time for Family Prayer. It sounds like a decent amount of time, but
it goes too fast and by then I am going slow. First, there's dinner.
If there are no meetings, there is plenty for me to do, if I still
have energy. Usually, it seems I make feeble attempts to accomplish
something, then suddenly realize the evening is over.

Not a lot of exciting/interesting things to write about.

Here's the latest excitements:

First, a distinct lack of excitement. Andrew and Benjamin are at
Scout camp this week. The house is pretty quiet. Anna hangs out with
Joseph, but he's, well, quiet. Camp Lassen is a great camp. They
should be having a fine time. I hope.

I met my "grandpuppy", Debi's new Dane, Chloe, Wednesday. She is a
lovely and surprisingly decorous dog – at the ripe old age of 3
months. - Excitement! We have a Puppy Play Date Saturday morning.

Joseph and I (mostly Joseph) babysat Hinds while the parents went to
see Harry Potter (they liked it). Not much time with the kids,
though. I got over there in time to help put an unhappy little boy to
bed. The remaining 3 of us shared pizza. After Esther went to bed,
Joseph and I tried to find Camp Lassen on satellite hybrid Google
maps. We THINK we found it. Then we looked at our house – OLD
picture, Debi's new place – all undeveloped land, but roads and
construction equipment in a field a few blocks away, Sariah's place
and the hiking trail behind it. I didn't have Miriam's address handy
so we didn't spy on her or on David. The way some people talk about
satellite imagery, I expected to be able to see my children come out
and wave, but we didn't have that kind of quality. Too far out, a
little fuzzy, and like I said, not current.

Recently, at work a distraught and distressed young lady asked if we
had seen a black purse or activity at the desk she has been using -
right across from me. Her purse was missing – stolen! I suggested
she call Security. No one in the proximity had any idea how. She
went off with a solicitous co-worker. I went to consult with my boss.
Someone asked, are you sure it's not a prank? I went back to the
cubicle to do "another" search. The first shelf I opened, wa la! A
black purse! Of course, now the young woman is gone and none of us
right there knew her name. Sean knew that her mother also works in
our building, but not either woman's name. Slap forehead! I know her
name, or rather, I can find it, it's in her purse. Just as I learned
that she is Victoria, in she came. Purse and peace of mind restored.

I am sure there have been more wonderful and exciting events in my
fascinating recent life, but at the moment I cannot think of them and
I have (a lot of) work to do.


  1. The aerial images on Google Maps and similar services are a patchwork of images stitched together from various fly overs over a period of several years. Imagery is constantly being added, both to update and to improve the available resolution. The highest resolutions are often taken from high flying airplanes rather than satellites. If you zoom in near the coast or tall mountains you'll often see that cloud cover forces them to piece together images from many passes in order to show the clearest view of the ground.

  2. Between lack of communication, and lack of funds, Hunter is missing Scout Camp this year. I should have remembered sooner, that he was turning twelve. I did make up a cute poster to hang on the bulliten board at church, offering Hunter's services for scout money, but no callers, and I fear it is too late. I hope your boys have a fabulous time.

    I got sucked in on your spelling bee. The only ones I got wrong were the oned I felt he mispronounced. Obliterate, and i got it wrong because the word was actually obliterateD. He did not pronounce the D onthe end. LOL. I am so easily amused and frustrated.

    Off to get ready for work.