Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cool Early Birthday Present

Sariah sent down their portable AC with the Hinds when they came home
from visiting for Acadia's baptism. She told me that it is an early
birthday present. Cool!

Thank you, Rosers!!! Also, thank you Hinds, for transporting it!

At first we were puzzled how to set it up as we have no slider
windows for the vent, but we decided to send the hot air up the
chimney. We cut a hole for the vent hose in a big piece of cardboard
and blocked off the fireplace. Presently, we are running an extension
cord from the garage and cannot plug in the washer and the AC at the
same time, but some sacrifices must be made.

Actually, I don't think that we have used the AC except as a test run
because it came to our house AFTER we survived 108 degrees and I have
told the boys to set the AC for 88 to conserve electricity. (Actually
I told them 90, but the machine set itself to 88 instead) Maybe we
will revise that, we'll see. I was thinking about it the other day
when the living room was 85, but I resisted.

Oh, the adventures. Silly us tested the venting up the chimney theory
before we cleaned out the fireplace. We did not completely block off
the fireplace. Wow! As Andrew said, Combination air condtioning and
smoke screen! Much better after we (as in Andrew, good lad) cleaned
out the fireplace. Kudos to Joseph for thinking of the chimney and
figuring out how to set it up.

We feel much better just knowing that we have the AC unit to use at need!

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  1. So glad that you've found a way to make it work for you! I have to admit, when we thought our AC was going to be busted during our 104 degree temps yesterday, I started to wish we still had it... but then Ryan fixed ours so it all worked out just fine. :) I hope it helps to keep you cool!

    Oh, and a tip... it only really cools one room, so if you have it in your front room, you may want to put up a blanket covering the walkways out of the room, to keep the cool air where you want it. Otherwise, you may not feel it much at all.