Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vancouver Weekend

Now that I am not trying to earn time off, I keep thinking that I
will have a few minutes before work to catch up on email and perhaps
even blog. But if the computer doesn't act up, the job looks for me.
Co-works and phone calls. Still….

I wanted to tell you about our lovely weekend in Vancover, WA - two
weeks ago now! - -Where does the time go? (I saw a movie in grade
school once that said, Time goes to Grand Canyon.) -- We went up for
Acadia's baptism which was absolutely delightful.

The boys and I drove up and back, so that was all day Friday and all
day Monday. They are pleasant traveling companions and for the most
part we enjoyed the trip. We all agreed that it would be more fun
with time and money to make a two day trip of it each way, however.
We probably should have eaten a bit less junk food, too. ; ) At the
baptism, people told us that we should visit Crater Lake - it's not
far from the freeway. Someone told Andrew 45 minutes. ha! We took
an exit for Crater Lake, then checked our navigator - problaby more
like 2 hours - each way We turned around. Maybe someday on one of
those 2 day drives up.

When I am at Rosers, Simon (their dog) and I usually go for an early
morning walk. Their house has a park behind it and is right by the
trail head of a walking/biking trail. Lovely! Saturday by the time
we got going we had collected all 4 grandchildren and my boys, Joseph,
Andrew and Benjamin. That shortened the distance, but increased some
of the fun. We would have liked to have done the same thing Sunday,
but it was raining. In fact, the tent we were in leaked due to being
put up not quite properly. Monday, I was just too lazy and anxious to
hit the road. Poor Simon.

Some of us went to the Portland temple Saturday morning. Later Saturday,
we had a nice family BBQ. I got to see relatives that I don't get to
see very often – my sister Kris and her boy Adam (Ben is going to
Disneyland with them and my other sister Elaine later this month), my
brother Michael and his wife Debi, my niece Sarah and nephew Taylor,
and a quick hello to their mom, my former sister-in-law and her
wonderful "new" husband. Is that everyone? We ate delicious food and
had a good time visiting. Sariah did a great job housing and feeding
us all. 18 people for the weekend.

Oh, the boys and I gave Acadia a pair of camouflage pants and a cute
orange top to match it. We made sure that each of the boys had on
their camo clothes and I had on my camouflage T-shirt when she opened
it. fun She looked really cute in the new outfit. Of course, she is
a really cute girl.

The high point of the weekend was Acadia's baptism Sunday evening.
All of her aunts and uncle on her mom's side (my kids) were there and
we all participated. I cannot remember who all did what, but Teresa
and Sariah each played the piano, Miriam led the music, Ruth gave a(n
excellent) talk on baptism and renewing our covenants with the
Sacrament. I talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and talked
about a few times that I have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in
my life. All the worthy priesthood holders stood in on her
confirmation. There was a wonderfully sweet spirit and Acadia was

It was a great weekend.


  1. Sarah did not make it to the BBQ, Samantha did. You also left Alicia and her husband off your list. MaryJane's husband was not at the BBQ at all, but was at the baptism.

    At the BBQ I kept thinking it'd be nice to have another family reunion. Perhaps it should be a "sisters" reunion - centered arround you, Lainee, Kris, Debi, MaryJane, and Marcie getting together (with husbands and descendants of course).

  2. I did get some of the names and times mixed and forgot Alicia -despite her big announcement! I am surprised I left her out. But I guess I was thinking mosty abotu the ones I spent time talking with. I did see Matthew Saturday when they came to pick up Sam.

    I think we should have a working family reunion up at Kris's. She was telling me about all the stuff that needs to be done there - like power washing the outside. I think it would be fun and productive.

    Thanks for reading. Love you.

  3. It WOULD be fun to do a working reunion at Kris's. And after all she has done in past reunions for all of us, I'd say she deserves to be on the receiving end!

    So... when are y'all coming up for that? lol

  4. I forgot that Matthew was there when they came to pick up Sammy. I was getting tired by that time. It was nice to get to visit with them a little after the baptism.