Friday, June 29, 2007

I keep hoping to have time to actually blog, but.....

Andrew had his Board of Review Tuesday and is now officially an Eagle Scout!

I had some anxious moments there. Til brought us all – Andrew, Glen,
Ben and I – no one else came (Joseph was at class, the Hinds still on
their way home from Vancouver) - before the Board at first. He told
us about failings of some of Andrew's letters - some neither signed
nor dated. No letter from the Scoutmaster who kept promising one,
but never got around to it. He had told Andrew he would bring one to
the Board of Review, but ended up going out of town. Fortunately, an
Assistant Scoutmaster wrote a letter – signed, but not dated. No
letter from your Scout leader would be a very, very bad thing and
probably would disqualify a boy. I was afraid that Andrew was going
to be turned down because of the letters not being signed and dated.
His being scolded for them was a bit much as the letter comes to the
Eagle candidate sealed and he doesn't see it until after the BoR.
Fortunately, the Bishop, Debi, and I did both date and sign. Debi
wrote a great letter) A couple of others were at least signed.

Andrew handled the pressure well and thought the actual interview he
had with the Board was pretty nice.

Now the big headache will be trying to find a time that Andrew's
siblings can make it from the north and the south. The really
challenging ones will be from the north. They HOPE to come south for
Aurora's 1st birthday at the end of July. That is 1) too soon for us
to get the Court of Honor and after party together - especially
contacting dignataries, etc, AND 2) Ben will be out of town - at
DISNEYLAND with my sisters and his cousin. (poor thing) Their next
likely visit is Thanksgiving, which is a long time for Andrew to have
to wait. I don't think they can throw another trip in between those
two. Decisions, decisions! I need to spend some time with Andrew on

quick, unimportant notes -

Thursday, June 28 - lots of green stuff

I didn't watch what I was doing this morning when I grabbed my lunch
from leftovers in the fridge. I got one container of
broccoli/cauliflower and cheese sauce from a while back and one
container of all broccolli from last night! No rice and gravy : ( .
Fortunately, I had a chicken pot pie in the freezer here at work.

If I had time and money (not even all that much money for the worth of
the product, at that), I might have gone back to where the Birthday
Club had lunch yesterday. Bud's on 10th street. The place doesn't
look like anything, - well, yes, it looks and sounds something like a
very, very small school cafeteria - but oh, boy! I had the best
roast beef sandwich! They roast their meats fresh each day. They are
not stingy with the meat, either! Heaps of roast beef that was not
cooked to death. Still juicy and a little pink. It was delicious!
$6.99, but generous serving. People who seemed to know said it was
priced comparable to Subway, but so much better, hands down.

Friday - are you sure it's the 29th and not the 13th?!

This is embarrassing. I forgot my false tooth. Front and center. At
least it is lower and not upper. No big smiles today! I look like a
hick. (more than usual)

I came into work early and thought I would get some personal computer
time before starting on the job. How does the computer know these
things?? It would NOT turn on. I wiggled and jiggled every connection
I could find. Tried turning it off and on again. NO response. I
called IT Help and they promised to send someone up. I knew it would
be something simple and embarrassing, but what else could I do. For
almost 5 minutes I didn't touch the thing. The IT guy walks in, asks
for me, and BINGO! the computer turns on! He had not come near my
desk - no one touched anything - he just walked in. Are those guys
good or what?!


  1. big congrats on your son's Eagle! that is a great accomplishment!

  2. I haver a most difficult time posting comments.....and since I have an accout, I shouldn't. I wrote a long one the other night (rare) and it never appeared. Criminy!!

    Congrats to Andrew!! That was kinda crummy to scold him for something he had no control over.

    How come Ben is the only one coming down?? Someday, you should come down too, and I can show you the sights.