Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Possible Puppy Proselyting

This morning at the dog park, Anna played with a new friend, a 2
year-old Greyhound/Shar Pei (they think) mix. Nice mix. Very

New puppy pals, new people pals.

As we chatted, it came out that I used to off-leash at East Portal
Park while my boys were in their early morning religion class. She
asked my religion. I said Mormon and she knew enough to ask how long
I had been LDS. She told me that she was looking for a faith and had
been taught for a while by the Elders. Sounds like she bought herself
a nice green four-in-one. Keeping it light and casual, I told her
that the church is good and true, that I have received personal
confirmation that it is right. Good thing I didn't get too
enthusiastic! She told me that one big turn off was that the Elders
were too pushy. Then she told me that she had trouble with Joseph
Smith. I agreed with her that it doesn't sound like something modern,
rational, scientific people usually go for. Then I shared that I find
it interesting that many people believe the Bible and accept the idea
of prophets and miracles in the Bible. I told her that I wonder why
there should be prophets and miracles then but not now. She seemed to
find that food for thought. I testified that the only way to know is
to ask. People can present all kinds of logical, sound arguments for
all kinds of things whether they are true or not, but the way for us
to know is to seek for a witness of truth.

It was time for me to go then. Good, leave them wanting more, not
wanting you to leave!

She is worried about Joseph Smith. I wonder about a comment she made
about herself and her best friend being dorky lesbians. How much of a
problem will this present if she decides to investigate further? Not
to worry, I am sure the Lord can handle it.

I hope to see her again. Both Anna and I enjoyed our new pals.

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