Friday, June 8, 2007

paying - utility bills & "debt to society"

There have been several things I wanted to talk about today, but I
have been so busy, and now I scarcely remember.

At work – oh, happy day! Today I actually got to process invoices for
payment! Lately, between ORF checks and researching problems, I have
been lucky if I could do one batch of invoices in a day. Today I did
6 ! Not that I am caught up, but now I have a 3 day old stack instead
of a week or two. I still have a big "problem" pile. Some of them
waiting for responses, but several I need to work on.

Poor Paris has been all over the airwaves. The judge hauled her back
into court this morning and ordered her to serve time in real jail AND
and jacked it back to the original 45 days. Of course, she does
already have 5 days credit. She was taken from the court crying for
her mother. Personally, I think that there's something to that. Her
folks deserve jail time for raising such a pathetic, spoiled danger to
herself and society. Not that I blame her for being upset about going
back to jail. Jail is not fun. On top of serving the time, there is
the processing that prisoners have to go through every time they come
into the jail. Humiliating and uncomfortable to say the least! Bad
for anybody. What a shock for someone who has been coddled and
pampered all her life. But I don't have much sympathy for her not
liking the jail food, or accommodations. I hope that this experience
teaches her some of the lessons her parents failed to teach her about
being responsible for your own actions. And maybe give her an idea
that there are other people in the world. Wouldn't that be something
if she actually made friends with some of the inmates? They could
certainly teach her a thing or two – some of which would be very good
for her and some, of course, very much not.

No time, no time

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  1. I do feel bad that they went back to the original 45 day sentence since prior to her original booking, it was 23. However, I am glad she's going back. I am not evil and just want her to suffer, but I do think she should be treated like everyone else. That may not always be possible but it should be done as best as possible.