Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tom Terrific

What a guy!

Tom spent all day Monday getting us set up with an AC wall unit. He
mapped out our circuit breakers, tested the old non-working AC,
rewired the plug, brought an old unused AC wall unit from his garage
and put it in which required some re-fitting because our old one was
bigger. It doesn't take long to write, but it was a LOT of work.
It's a small AC and won't cool the whole house, but it will make a
wonderful difference for us, I am sure. And will be a big help until
I can manage to get a bigger unit. There goes my electric bill! We
are going to try to use it judiciously.

Then he worked all day yesterday on my front door. Our old wood door
was so worn around the knob that it didn't' hold the knob or lock
correctly. Difficult to shut and once shut, neither lockable nor
easily opened. For a short while now we have been living with a
front door sans door knob. The security door (and Anna) relieved us
of any concern about walk-ins and the weather has been mild, so we
didn't mind too much that the door wouldn't stay closed. But that
just couldn't go on. The temperatures hit triple digits and we wanted
the door shut. With our trip for Acadia's baptism and Anna staying
with a friend, we needed a door. As the check-out gal at Home Depot
said, installing a door is an experience! The job is not completely
done – that weird expanding foam has to be trimmed, the door trim has
to be put back and the security door put back up. But! We have a
front door that closes and locks, with a deadbolt, too. A pretty one
at that, with a half circle window near the top.

We so appreciate all Tom's hard work and Ruth and the kids letting him
spend valuable vacation time helping us!

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