Thursday, June 14, 2007

things are heating up

I have been neglecting my duties. (oh, that's a long list!) This
time I mean as Scout Committee Chair. Somehow I have ignored the
coming of summer – and summer camp. I knew it was coming, but it just
didn't get my attention. I sort of assumed that somebody else would
keep me informed. (as, I THINK in years past) Unfortunately, all
parties have been distracted by personal business and no one checked
on anyone. Camp fees are past due and only one of our Scouts has
enough money in his account to pay. A couple of others are close, but
most of the guys….. well, it's not good.

Finally, we are shifting into gear to earn some money. I hope it
works! Friday, the troop is sponsoring a movie night. We are
showing "The Paper Brigade" for free (with the kind permission of
Feature Films for Families) and selling refreshments – hot dogs,
nachos, soda, popcorn, and cookies baked by the Scouts themselves.
The fellow who is doing our purchasing made a face when I reminded him
to turn in his receipts, so the boys may make more than they deserve
to. (Bob T. is a good and generous man)

We are also finally doing some car washes. This Saturday (the 16th),
the 30th, and July 7th.

When will I EVER find time to do any work around my house?????

I really need to do SOME things. Like replace the front door before
we leave for Vancouver. The door around the knob is so beat up and
worn that it doesn't hold the knob correctly. It won't line up with
the lock, is difficult to shut and nearly impossible to open. We took
the knob out. Now it won't stay shut. As the weather has been mild,
we have a "security" screen door (only one of those locks works) and a
dog, I have felt no terrible urgency. But now, the weather is
officially hot and both we and the dog will be away. We need the
door. Again, I wish that I had bought that van. I cannot get a door
in the Cavalier! Of course, I am not sure that we can properly
install the door, either. I think that not quite proper alignment is
why we can only use one lock on the security door.

Another thing that really must get done soon is get together with Tom
and find out if his old AC wall unit will work in our house. We can
barely function when the weather gets hot.

Then I have to find out if the money borrowed from house fix-it money
is going to be replaced and figure out what we are going to do about
this-house-should-be-condemned repairs.

Decisions, decisions….

As you know, I have been working like crazy to earn the time to go to
Vancouver for my firstborn grandchild's baptism. As of today, I only
have half an hour to earn for my two days off. I should get that

Now the tempting thought. If I work continue to work an extra hour
every day (except tomorrow - Scout Movie Night), I can just about earn
another day off which my boss will ok IF my desk is current. It's
"year end" and everything for this fiscal year has to be processed.
(a little insane) The little bit of make -up time left at the end of
the month, I can do in July. The big question here is having my work
all up to date. (You would think with all the time I have been
putting in... but things are crazy here. Several people are working
some Saturdays. I think I am invited, but I have Scout commitments.
What I sacrifice for these boys!)

Then, if I can work out the dog sitter, and if we think the cat and
birds will be alright for yet another day, AND if we can work out
David and Teresa having access to the house - do the boys and I want
to travel Thursday and join the Mt St Helen's group Friday?

A lot of ifs. (no promises)

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