Friday, June 15, 2007

"health food"

Yesterday Lisa asked me if I liked Pirates or Simpsons. I told her I
don't do Simpsons. She gave me a Captain Jack Sparrow cookie from
7-11. She has them all over her cubicle. Not really edible,
certainly NOT worth the calories - just for "decoration". This
morning I found Homer Simpson on my desk. Sean had Bart. While I was
puzzling over what to do with Homer, Lisa came by to chat. I
confessed that I am not a fan and reminded her that she had already
given me Jack. (Not really a flattering likeness, but it's the thought
that counts, right?). She took Homer away to give to someone else.
If she has her way, everyone will have one of these cookies at their
cubicle. I hope they are securely wrapped in their plastic wrap. We
already have a roach problem. (Captain Jack is leaning against Ben's

Speaking of cookies! Dave W is transferring out of our unit. This
morning, his last here, he brought wonderful big chocolate chip
cookies. They disappeared immediately. Later, the office had a
good-bye party – pizza, cookies, cake, ice cream. I stayed out with
the phones, but someone brought me a slice of pizza. I guess the
ice cream went pretty well, too. After afternoon break, they brought
out 3 boxes of cookies/brownie bites and a few plates of cake slices
and put them on the front counter in front of my desk. Sometimes it
smells heavenly. Sometimes it is so overwhelming as to be almost
nauseating. So far, I have resisted, while urging it on others, "What
would you like besides a couple of cookies?" "You cannot have your
travel check unless you take a piece of cake."

Tonight, is Scout movie night. Dinner is Hot dog, nachos & soda. All
in the name of supporting our scouts.

I keep hearing Cookie Monster in my head.

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