Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's no shame to be poor, but it's no great honor either! - Tevya

Lots of reasons to feel poor today. Paris Hilton just bought out of a
well-deserved jail sentence for drunk driving, driving on a suspended
license, I don't know what all. Sentenced to 45 days, they halved it
to 23. She checked in at her own good pleasure a minute before
midnight Sunday (after an awards show and party) and got checked out
because of a "medical condition" on minute after midnight today. She
gets credit for 5 days in jail. Now she is on house arrest in her
mansion. Poor thing. Some regular gal called Armstrong and Getty and
said she missed a court date for drunk driving and the police came,
cuffed and arrested her even though she was on medical bedrest for a
threatened pregancy. Whether because of her jail time or not she
didn't say, but she lost the baby. No big name and big money. Her
medical condition didn't matter. I am feeling a little cynical or
something and mildly(MILDLY??) covetous. Some day, everything will
be right and fair, but that someday is a long ways away. Not that I
would want Paris's life!!!! Just money. (greedy hand rubbing)

I know money doesn't by happiness, but it buys something. One gal at
my office goes clothes shopping every weekend. No kids. She has a
regular size bedrooom as her personal walk-in closet, plus closet
space in the master bedroom. She often speaks of trips here and
there. She was inviting another coworker to some vacation cabin they
have, too. One of the guys sold his horses because they were just too
much trouble and often mentions trips, his spa, etc. Of course, he
complains that he can hardly wait for the last kid to move out.

I would not be partying and buying off the law, or filling rooms with
clothes I don't need. I might have horses. ; ) I would like to
repair the wholes in the walls of my house, not worry about my old
age, spend time with my kids.

Of course, there are some people here in the office who also admit to
shopping at thrift stores and bring lunch from home rather buy out.

But I have my kids.

Now, who's the rich one??!!!


  1. Yeah, I did actually start to have a little respect for her when she turned herself in Sunday night instead of Monday night and the interviews she gave before going in, that she was ready to be accountable, yada yada yada... But yeah, whatever respect I started to have, didn't last long.

    I realize that she was in solitary confinement instead of a regular cell because they were worried of how the other inmates would treat her and I also realize that any amount of time in prison is absolutely humiliating (no privacy, being stripped naked and thoroughly searched before entering, etc) but I still don't see how much of a punishment house arrest in a mansion can be. :S

    It seems to me that they could have found some way for her to serve her sentence safely without letting her go home.

  2. I am so thoroughly disgusted with the whole Paris debacle, that i refuse to comment. LOL.

    I have a sister to who money is so important. She wears the best clothes, and eats at only the finest restaurants. My mom also has her baby four days out of EVERY week (even though she quit her job to make it rich with Arbonne, and to spend more time with said daughter)because she just can't HANDLE her all day, every day.

    I don't need to follow Paris to see a story of greed and self centeredness........I just have to call my sister, and I get sick enough.


  3. I heard that it's normal for people to have the sentence shortened, but the rest of it is so stupid.
    I did hear that they did put her back in jail and now she has to serve the whole sentence. When the judge told her, she cried for her mom. Wow, she needs to grow up. How embarrasing!
    I'm glad that they aren't going through with the special treatment.
    She should be treated like anyone else.