Sunday, June 17, 2007

8 is Great

My oldest grandchild, Acadia is 8 years old today! next weekend we
will be at her baptism.

Scout movie night was a lot of fun. Most all of the chairs were
filled. Still, that was only probably about 70+ people. We grossed
$216 in sales, but I have no idea what we are going to pay out for
refreshments. Brother T did the buying. He spent well over $100,
maybe $150 or more, but I don't know how much he is going to turn in.
We had a lot of hot dogs and stuff left over, I bought a bag of
chips. He says they will feed the day care kids a lot of hot dogs.
So, we shall see.

The car wash raised $150 dollars, but between 11 Scouts.... Andrew
and Ben worked the longest and each earned just under $16.

No get rich quick scheme.

At dinner today Tom, speaking, I believe, as Bishopric Counselor, told
me that after all we can do, the budget is supposed to cover any boy
who doesn't have the money. (They may release me for this)

Tom is on vacation. He is going to see if he can do something about
the AC wall unit tomorrow! He says it is a small unit, so it isn't
going to cool the entire house, but if we can cool down the family
room - oh what a difference! and I am sure it will help the rest of
the house some. There goes my electric bill! I told the boys that
they cannot turn it on unless it is over 95ยบ. They said inside or
outside? outside. I bet they find a thermometer and put in on cement
in the sun.

Tom also said he will put up my door. when I get it. Which I need to
borrow their car to do. Or ask him to go with me.

We love Tom. And appreciate his generous help!

I also got a lot of "help" in home design. I asked for ideas for the
kitchen, color mostly really. something of a mistake. Ideas
everywhere from Mr McGregors garden to a desert, to a dark cave. In
reality, I am thinking more and more of white painted cabinets and
white appliances. What color the walls? Still working on it. The
living room and dining room are probably going to be a sage or moss
green. I want the kitchen to fit, but I don't know if I want it
green, too. And what kind of counters. Well, it will be a good while
before we get to it. Plenty of time to consider.

Joseph told me that he just read about a 73 year old farmer in India
who has vowed not to get married until he passes the high school exam.
He has failed 38 times. He has taken the exam every year since 1969.
(Do you think maybe he really doesn't want to get married?) ( I hope
he isn't planning on having many children.) He wants to marry a girl under 30. (A particular girl or a girl to be picked later?? If a particular girl, What does she think? Must be a girl to be picked later, she wasn't born when he started this.)

The high point of Stake Conference today was when President Fisher
prayed a special personal blessing on a High Councilman and his family
who just lost a son in Iraq and then on the conference attendees. I
wish I could remember the words, but I do remember the feeling of
power and love.

I am supposed to be planning a Court of Honor for TUESDAY. So far,
not much here. Back to work.

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