Wednesday, June 6, 2007

counting some of my blessings

MY children ARE a joy and a blessing.

Daily I see people whose children are a challenge and/or a sorrow.
My children are not perfect, but they are good. Not only are they NOT
major lawbreakers, addicts, or bloodsuckers, my children are
appreciative, supportive,and loving. Fun and funny, too. My
children-in-law, as well. I know people who dread going home from
work because of their family. I know people who have grown children
who have not only come back home for help, but now want to take it
over and try to dictate the rules. People who dread every phone call
because it is another problem. Not a "what do we do because Jared
wants to keep brushing his teeth and cries when we take the
toothbrush" problem, but problems that involve the law or large sums
of money or substance abuse or physcial abuse. I am thankful that has
never been the case with my children. Thanks, kids! (Keep up the
good life)

another great blessing - I think I have told you before that my job is
a real blessing. I am confident that a loving Heavenly Father arranged
it for me. I won't go into the details again now, but believe me, I
am blessed. More good news. You know I took Accounting 301, courtesy
of the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation,
particularly the good graces of my boss's boss. . I will be taking
the next class this fall - same set-up. There is a 3rd class after
that which would then qualify me to test for a higher classification
(Account Tech) with the State. Good chance our department will also
sponsor that. All the while I have been thinking, "Wow, I could
really use a promotion (and more money!), but I would hate to leave
this office." My boss told me yesterday that they hope to phase out
the lowly clerk positions and make them Account Tech positions. Their
master plan is to educate, keep and promote us! Is that great or

Now, back to work at this blessing of a job.

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