Monday, July 23, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Saturday, was Esther's birthday party. Kids splashed in a whale
pool/fountain, went "fishing" for guest gifts, colored, and played
with bubbles. I spent much of the time chatting with her other
grandmother, "Nana." Ruth made a wonderful cake that looked like an
undersea rocks/coral ledge with flowers on it which Esther's Arial
doll sat on. Looked great and tasted good, too. We also enjoyed hot
dogs, watermelon, goldfish, and blue jello with gummy fish.

It was especially nice to see Esther and Jared having such a grand
time, because they had been sick earlier in the week.

Saturday was also the big day for Harry Potter fans.
I did not reserve an advance copy.
I did not stand in line at midnight.
I pretended to myself that I was not even sure I was going to get it.
Regretted again, the leaving of the Larsons - no borrowing, no sneak
But, I didn't mind going to Costco Saturday to get more almonds for
the front desk at work, granola bars for the guys, etc, etc, and oh,
yes, just see if Harry was in. He was. I got Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows, book # 7! The check out clerk said almost everyone
has gotten it.

As soon as I got it home, "discussion" arose. Ben wanted first dibs.
First, he mentioned long lonely waits at the airport. What?!
Disneyland and Harry Potter while the rest of us poor stiffs stay
home??!! Then he was unhappy that we might read it without him. He
wanted to get first and read all night – like so many Potter fans.
Somewhere in all the discussion, Joseph hid the book. We all have to
wait. sigh. Then we decided, somewhat reluctantly, to let the Hinds
borrow it first.

Debi has had Chloe a couple of weeks now and both of the last two
weekends our dogs met at the dog park. Sunday was especially cute.
Debi and Chloe arrived first. Chloe was a bit shy with the other
dogs. Thinking about playing with them, but then backing off. When
Anna arrived, as Debi said, "the little devil came out." She was
jumping all over Anna, chewing her ears, nipping at her legs, and
"wrestling her to the ground." That wasn't enough. Kayla, a German
shepherd, started wrestling and playing with Anna, too, so they
double-teamed Anna. Oh, poor Anna, sure! She loved being the center
of attention. Debi says after the dog park, both she and Chloe go
home and take a nap. Actually, Chloe is pretty tired all day. She's
just a baby still.

Yesterday Ben flew all by himself to Orange County where he met up
with my sisters and his cousin Adam for a week at Disneyland! We were
both nervous, but of course, he arrived safely and they were waiting
for him at the gate. They want to see the San Diego temple (I think
that one) and went to church with a singles ward. Last night he
called home just as we were getting ready for family prayer, so we did
prayer and scriptures together. Decided not to do Reading Club,
though. They are so close to Disneyland that we could clearly hear
the fireworks over the phone! We probably won't have family prayer
together the rest of the week, as he will be at Disneyland watching
the fireworks! I miss him and am a little jealous, but I am thrilled
for him.

Not such a pleasure - It used to be that if you didn't bother Kaiser,
they didn't bother you. Not any more, at least not for me. Concerned
letters and even phone calls. One can only fly under the radar so
long. I had hoped that removing certain stresses in my life would
lead to better health. Well, although in many ways life is much
better, there are challenges and stresses. My numbers have not gotten
better, rather the opposite. I finally went in and did my labs
Saturday. More meds. Sigh. I am not thrilled, but I suppose I am

Now I need to earn my keep.

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  1. Yay for getting your copy of Harry Potter! But why are the Hinds borrowing it? Are they not getting a copy themselves? Do they not have the other ones? What freaks of nature don't own HP? ;)

    Esther's party sounds fun. We don't know what we're doing for Rori yet. We want to have a little party, but who do we invite? :S The families we are closest to are out of two this weekend so we either do it without them or postpone it. But Cadi and I have decided that her party theme should either be butterflies (since that is her bedroom theme) or Elmo (because Rori loves Elmo so much). :)