Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bonus Question

I am lucky enough to be taking an Accounting Class at work.   Double lucky in a way.  I have previously taken Financial Accounting (301) and Managerial Accounting (311).  Now I am taking College Accounting (101) which really should have come before the other two.  It will be largely (I hope) review.  However, although I got As in the other classes, I cannot say that I really understood and mastered the material.  I hope in this class to get a better grasp on accounting basics.
At the end of each chapter,  we will have a 10 point quiz.  We will also get an extra credit bonus question.  Chapter 1, the instructor asked Who made the save in the Kings game ..blah, blah, blah?  She was faced with a lot of blank faces, so she gave us two other options.  Who did they play? Who won? Well, since she asked who made the save, we deduced that the Kings won and most of us got our bonus point. 
Since we now knew, as she told us, that the teacher is a big Kings (Sacramento Kings, hometown basketball team) fan, and does these little bonus questions each quiz, I did a little research before our Chapter 2 quiz today.  She allows us to take one page of notes in for a quiz.  On one side, I had accounting notes.  On the other, I had Kings notes.  Notes on the last game, the next game, the team roster and the mascot.  I was ready!  She could ask any reasonable question about the Kings and I could answer.  Tallest King? I had it.  Heaviest King? Got that, too.  Where did they go to school? How long have they been pro?  I was so on top.  What did she ask, you ask?  "Who won the Super Bowl!"  Did I know it? No, I did not.  She doesn't even like football.  But "anyone in touch with the world should know it." Fortunately, someone blurted it out and I did recognize that it sounded familiar, so I got my bonus point. 


  1. Well that just goes to show that you need to read my blog more often! lol Sadly, if you had read my blog, you would have known that the Patriots totally blew their chance to go down in history as the only team in the NFL to ever go 19-0 in a single season. And that means... the Giants won. :( So now you know... read my blog! ;)

    *Disclaimer: I don't claim to have any info on the Kings posted on my blog, so don't look at me to help with those questions! lol

  2. I admit that I only skimmed your Pie posting. My reading time is ridiculously limited. Even before that, I DID know who played, who won, and I heard the score more than once. But I didn't really care, made no attempt to burn it into my memory, and when she asked, I blanked -until I heard someone say it. No sports fan, I.

  3. Well, I don't entirely blame you. We have been trying to forget the details too. ;) lol