Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Long Day's Night

JAB will be up pretty much all night tonight.  The priesthood in our ward is working the election, unloading election materials from the precinct officers coming in from their polling places earning money for Scout camp.  This is a big election and I fear it will be a very long night.  I am a bit anxious about them, but proud of them for volunteering. 


Hopefully, they are getting some rest this afternoon.  I will pick them up as soon as I get home.  JA and I will go vote.  We all have absentee ballets, but have been on the fence on a couple of things.  I think we are all going to end up surrendering our absentee ballot and voting traditionally.  Sorry about the additional expense, Sacramento County.  Then I will take the guys to the Stake Center to meet up with the other election workers.  Selfishly, I am glad that the guys tell me that the Bishop will give them a ride home – eventually.  They say he told them it could be as late a 3am.  Ben thinks he is going to Seminary tomorrow, anyway.  Let me tell you, if he's asleep, I am not waking him up.


  1. We don't vote until Saturday. Good for you guys for voting and volunteering! :)

  2. Watching the news last night, we saw an article about our troop! We saw lots of brief shots of guys in our ward, and a few even made little statements. I didn't see JAB, but maybe they were somewhere in the background. We recorded it, so maybe I'll get to check it out again.

  3. That's a great thing for the scouts to do! Do they no longer do the Bee art contest project? That seemed like more and more work for less and less funds. So did Ben make it to Seminary the next morning?

    Aargh, more snow today - enough!! Hope you have a good rest-of-the-week!

  4. Troop 40 stopped doing the Bee art contest project a few years ago. Our contact people changed, there were squabbles over how much we should be paid, and they changed (increased) the work. I don't know what all.

    Besides, that was Troop 40 back in the days of Camellia City Ward. Perkins Ward is a "new ward, building new traditions", except in reality, mostly continuing Rosemont's traditions. (Not that that's bad. and some of us are making some influence felt.) Apparently the Rosemont people, called (without full Bishop approval) Perkins East, have done this in past elections.

    I don't know how many workers we sent out, but I know some of them had no personal stake in the Scouts earning money. Sweet of them.

    NO, Ben didn't make it. He got in about 1:20 and the others got in half an hour or so later. When the boys didn't get up on their own, I stood outside their room and quietly said,"Ben". A token effort, at best. They were all sleeping when I left for work. Andrew said they got up around 8.

    Ben says only Logan made it to Seminary. Usually only "the 3 Nephites" - Logan, Riley, and Ben attend - all from Perkins, none from the teacher's/building's ward - and all of them worked the election. Once in a great while Jared (from the Bro's ward) manages to get up and stagger across the street, but not often and not yesterday.

    Ruth says that she saw our troop on the news election coverage. Not my sons, but I think she saw Logan. I don't know who else.