Friday, February 22, 2008

Please, Won't He Be My Neighbor?

Joseph has been getting "employment inquiries" from various state departments for weeks. 


How this works – the department sends an employment inquiry to available candidates asking if they are interested in the position offered.  The applicant responds yea or nay.  If the applicant is interested, hopefully next they are contacted for an interview.


He has had two interviews.  Agriculture sent him a rejection letter.  : (   Last I heard, DMV is checking him out. 


But, excitement! Yesterday's employment inquiry is from the Department of Parks and Recreation!  From the Stanford Mansion Director.  The Stanford Mansion is a beautiful old Victorian home right behind my building.  I am psyched.  I would love it if he got a position there!


Please include Joseph in your prayers.  When I was job hunting, I asked the Lord to open and close the right doors for me (because I just didn't know which way to go!).  He did.  I have been truly blessed with this job.  May he be as blessed!


  1. I like your nod to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood! We'll definitely keep Joseph in our prayers; what a nice situation that parks job would be! Hope he gets it, or if he doesn't that it's because an even better opportunity is around the corner. The not-knowing part is hardest!

  2. Absolutely! That is an exciting possibility and I hope that it works out! :)

  3. Would he actually be working on site? That would be neat. The mansion is really pretty and has an interesting history. My friends went on a quick tour on a free museum day.

    That would be really nice if he worked so close to you. That would make getting to work a lot easier (if your schedules match) and it would be cool if you are able to have lunch together once in a while.

  4. Have you heard anything more about this? Are there any updates? :)

  5. Not yet. For two reasons:
    1) The wheels sometimes grind slowly.

    2) The dummy hasn't even sent back his response!!! Maybe he doesn't want to be my neighbor. I am threatening to beat him up if he doesn't send it in. There is the real possibility of someone else answering, getting an interview and landing the job while he doddles - you cannot count on the wheels grinding slowly!

    In the meantime, he has gone out on at least one other interview. Monday, he interviewed with Employment Developement Department. But that was out on Goethe, not very convenient. And he said it was a not particularly desirable job.

    I am still hoping!