Friday, February 15, 2008

Last Tie Severed

Today was a solemn day for Ben and company.  It was the last day for their Seminary class.  Next week they will begin attending on Wissemann Dr.  A blow for "the Bro" .


While feeling a bit sorry for Brother F, I was looking forward to Ben having a new teacher – partly on the general principle that variety is good and educational in itself.  Different teachers give different emphasis and insights.   Then Ben told me that is sounds quite likely that Brother F will be teaching the older class next year.  So Ben will just have 4 months with another teacher before going back to the Bro.  Nice for Bro. F, but a little disappointing for me.


The really sad thing is that this seminary class was my last claim to belonging to my beloved Dover building at all.  Now, all my connections are Wissemannn.

Wissemann sure beats a mud hut or meeting in somebody's basement, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Dover building.  Almost no storage space is maybe my one greatest complaint.  Oh. no; there is the issue of precious few nice big rooms.  We had such nice YW, Scout, Primary rooms etc.  For big Wisseman only has the connected rooms you can push back the dividers to make big (except for RS).  The dividers don't block the noise as well as walls when they are closed and when they are open still make the room feel chopped up.  Also make nice places for difficult students to sit out of teacher view.  Just a completely different feel.  Even though the organizations can do a little decoration, it doesn't feel like their special place.


 I shouldn't complain too much.  The RS room is fairly nice.  There I just miss the lovely artwork donated by sisters which graced our walls.  The Wissemann RS room has pictures of General RS Presidents through the ages, several of them of grim pioneer visage.  I am sure they were lovely and wonderful women whose pictures don't do them justice at all.


I don't think the building itself is as pretty either. I loved our old red brick.  The white brick is ok, but I like the red brick better.  Maybe that is just from the long and happy time I spent there.  I do like the blue interior tones more than the brown tones back at Dover, but I was used to it.  


  1. Change is hard but it usually is for a reason and also for our benefit.

    I wonder why they are moving the kids to that building when the only ones who show up are from the old one? Or are they now combining with another class so that there will be more?

    Does Ben know his new teacher? I hope he likes them as much has he has enjoyed The Bro. :)

  2. Actually they are moving the kids to the building where they now attend all their other meetings. They will be joining already established classes in the Wissemann building. I don't know who the teachers are.

  3. That makes sense but it's still a little sad. It will be good to have other people in their class though. :)