Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

Actually, the darn thing tipped over. Good way to start the work day.   A full cup of hot chocolate.  All over my desk.  Ran into a stack of invoices.   Also some Cub Scout paperwork I was going to work on before work.  Dripped in a drawer.  Got on my blouse.  I spent my pre-work time mopping up and using Tide-to-Go. Nice to be working the front desk in  blotchy blouse.  : ~.  


A sympathetic co-worker said that I am not the first one this has happened to today even.


From now on I am using the cup Debi made me!  I was using disposables because I have trouble taking the time to wash out my cup at the end of the day.  But I don't think that Debi's cup will betray me like that little styrofoam jobbie did.  


Good thing I have more cocoa mix.  Make it a double.




~~~ Area 51~~~

There's a new hire in "Joseph's" cubicle. 


  1. Oh, that is so lame. Yeah, those Styrofoam ones are not very sturdy.

    I'm glad that you have nice co-workers (and more chocolate).

    Maybe you need another mug so you can always have one at work while you bring the other one home to wash.

  2. area 51? aliens?

    Too bad it's not Joe.
    How is his job search going?

  3. 1- I am too lazy, forgetful, and carrying enough things to make it a regular habit of taking my cup back and forth to work. Besides worrying about breaking it in transit. I just need to make washing my mug a regular almost time to go home chore.

    I do have another mug I have been meaning to bring down. A California mug I inherited from a former resident of my home who also works for the state, a gift from his co-workers. By the time I found it, the chocolate candy inside had gone bad! Can you imagine?!

    Area 51 - Joseph used cubicle 51 during his brief stay here.

    His job search is progressing. 2 Interviews so far. The first and the one we liked the sound of, he was VERY nervous and we have not heard back. sigh. The 2nd, DMV has called 3 people here for references and had him fingerprinted, so they are definitely considering him. DMV has a reputation for employee dissatisfaction, but it would be a start. Meanwhile and giving us some other hope, he has a few more job inquiries that he has returned but not heard from again, and a few more to send in.