Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daylight follows a dark night.

Maasai Proverb

Saturday we went to Jared's birthday party - "Cars" theme -what fun! The kids got to decorate license plates to put on the cardboard cars Tom had made for them. They had races complete with tire changing and gassing up pit-stops. Jared's cousin was the greatest pit chief. The kids had a blast.

I took my Christmas project to work on, of course. When I went to show Nana (Jared's other grandma) and a daughter or two my duo-color diaster, we could NOT see it. The color difference does not seem to show up in daylight. Part of the reason I went months without discovering it. I will have to tell my recipient to never where it around flourescents!


  1. That is MUCH more organized for a birthday than I've ever been. Wow. We did make ribbon streamers once. That's pretty much it.

  2. Ruth has always been a great party planner. (Not something she inherited from her parents. If the kids were lucky, I made cupcakes and we met their friends at the park - a regular grass, trees and playground park, not a theme park. More than one year, we had 3 Boys and a Party - a combo party -at the park.) Together she and Tom are totally amazing. You should see the cakes she makes. The most incredible one to me was the one for Esther's Little Mermaid party.

  3. LOL I'm glad that's worked out. :)

    Ruth was telling me about the party plans on Friday, I told her to take pics; it sounded so cute. :)