Monday, October 27, 2008

Special Fast November 2, 2008

Thank you for expressing this so well Tessa. -

This November's election will be one of great significance for each one of
us and our country as a whole. It is suggested that the Sunday before the
election, which is November 2nd, we take the opportunity to fast for our
country and the leaders who will be elected and the voters who will elect

Whether you are of a political persuasion or not, this year's election will
be significant. I personally encourage you to learn about the people who
want to lead our country and make a prayerful decision.

Should you feel to pass this on to those you love I would encourage you to
do so. Our fasts and prayers will make a difference and at this time, more
than any other in our lifetime, our country is in need of the Lord's

To our friends and family, whether in or out of California, I might suggest
that we also fast for the passing of proposition 8, the marriage initiative.
If it fails there will be drastic changes to our lives here as there have
been to those who live in Massachusetts. May God help us all.


  1. Alas, I live in a county that has its own particular form of early voting, i.e. all voting is done by absentee ballot. I guess that means I need to stay in touch with the Spirit for weeks, instead of just the night before ;) Seriously, though, very good idea.

  2. oh,I had decided that this would be a good idea, too! I will pass it on!