Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

As you may recall, Joseph has been having a good bit of trouble with his bike. We took it to the Bicycle Chef where he nearly left it for a $100 worth of work. Then I asked if the bike was worth it. Nope. So, he just fixed the then current flat. He got a flat again a week or so ago. I planned on stopping by the bike shop on the way to Dave's Pumpkin Farm where we went through the corn maze Saturday, but Joseph opted not to go with us. So, he has been bike-less.

He has chatted with a co-worker about maybe buying a better bike. She said, "Wait. Maybe Santa will bring you one." Well, Santa has never brought big gifts nor usually individual gifts to our house, so that hardly seems likely. He was afraid she was thinking of getting one and, truth is, he can afford it better than she can.

Today, a supervisor called Joseph into his office. No, he wasn't in trouble. They talked about a project they were working on. When Joseph returned to the file room, there was a NEW BICYCLE! Stunned, Joseph started to ask B if she had bought it. Then the doorway filled with people. The whole office had taken up a collection. A pretty GOOD collection, apparently.

This bike is the same as police use. Strong, light weight street bike. They made sure that it has very good brakes, fenders so he won't become striped in wet weather; they put on a rack and bought him lights for it. It is a nice bike.

Earlier, under the pretense of considering buying a bike for his son, one of the conspirators asked Joseph's opinion and learned all about what Joseph likes in a bike.

When Joseph started talking about buying a bike, B told T, the lead conspirator, that he had better speed things up. T, casually chatting with Joseph, suggested Craig's list was a good place to get a bike - especially at the end of the month - especially at the end of November - the rains have driven some riders off their bikes and people are wanting extra money for Christmas. Stall Joseph.

I am proud of Joseph for being the kind of person that his coworkers wanted to do something so nice for him. What generous and kind coworkers he has!

I don't expect that he will try to change jobs any time soon.


  1. WOW!!! That is awesome! What kind co-workers! That is just really, really cool. :)

  2. Joe is really lucky to work with people who are so kind and generous! And obviously they are lucky to have Joe, he must be a great co-worker. :)