Thursday, October 9, 2008

If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

Quentin Crisp

I had an idea for my homemade gift for the exchange.

I worked on it for a few months. Despite many false starts, every now and then having to rip out portions and do them over, it came out pretty well, but I think it is the wrong size. Good thing I started early in the year.

I began again. I am slow enough to begin with – I have literally been working on this for months – in the moments I can find, but since this Intermediate Accounting class began I have hardly been able to crochet a stitch. I actually thought I might finish in August, but then I got sick and then the class started. I am about ¾ done. Don’t get excited, it is not that it is such a big wonderful project. MAYBE medium. But I am slow.

Last night I discovered *la gasp!!** that somewhere in the early middle of the project, I USED A DIFFERENT COLOR YARN. Not obviously different, obviously! Except in decent light.

If I were not at work, I would be bawling right now. I did cry last night, but not as much as it deserves!

The good news is - My sons are learning what to do when a woman cries – just go put your arms around her and let her cry.

There is no way I have time to rip it all out to where I messed up and do it over. I thought maybe I could remove a section so I would have to undo less, but I cannot figure it out. Joseph tried to research the possibility of dyeing the whole thing. Not good.

The only thing I can think is to keep on keeping on. Someone I love who deserves much better is going to end up getting a defective - or should we say, unique - gift.

This may be my worst Christmas ever.


  1. We woman are so hard on ourselves! I know what you're going through,though. It's the reason I have sworn off counted cross-stitch for the rest of the eternities. There will be counted cross-stitch in hell, where sinners will stitch and stitch, only to find they counted wrong and must pull out everything they've done. Forever. Maybe some will crochet.

  2. I'm so sorry Mom, but I am kind of laughing - just a little though. First at the title of your post (I was giggling before I read anything in your post, just because of the title, lol.), but secondly because you have bad luck. And thirdly because I know for a fact that every single person in the exchange will not care if the gift is perfect. Who wants perfect? That's boring. ;)

    I think you need to reread President Uchtdorf's talk from the RS broadcast (Happiness, your Heritage) where he says that what we create does NOT need to be perfect.

    Maybe this year will turn out to be one of your best Christmases. :)

  3. President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk, but I don't think he was talking about this big a gaffe on a gift.

    What to know something horrible? If it was to someone I didn't love, I couldn't give it to them. I would end up giving them something else - much smaller and quicker to make, but without the major flaw.

    I know that the person who gets it will understand, maybe laugh, possibly even say they like it. Because this is a very nice, good loving person.

    Maybe they can use it when they have dirty chores to do. Maybe, I will make a good one later. (But don't count on it. I may retire my crochet hooks!)

  4. Eva Aurora, I think it is awesome that you ever tried counted cross stitch! Also, the brief visit I managed to your blog, confirms my suspicions in that direction.

  5. lol... okay, maybe he wasn't, but I still say his message would be similar if he read this post. ;)

    And don't put away those crochet hooks! My girls love the blankets you've made - they both sleep with theirs every night. :)

  6. I kinda agree with Sariah. If it were me you making it for, I would just love the thought and would probably never notice its imperfections.

  7. lOl aboutyour craft trauma . I've given up on cross stitch AND leper bandages (mine have scallops!). Knitting...... urg. But my girls have handwork talents! I make bags from fabric remnants and give them as small gifts, they are cute and easy. Email me and I will mail you a pattern if you want to switch to a new craft!

  8. p.s. I am totally 'borrowing' your quote and slapping it on my blog!