Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upstairs, Downstairs

During the break in my intermediate accounting class (Redwood Conference room 14th floor), I decided, as often, to go back to my office (1040) and refill my water bottle. I decided to take the stairs as I sometimes do. I hit the stairs at a good pace, but after a flight or so, I started to flag. I hadn't gone 2 floors when I was quite tired. I thought, "I have done this before, I shouldn't' be so tired. I should be about to the 12th floor." I looked up at the wall and saw that I was headed for the 16th floor!! I do not now know whether I thought I was going from my office to the conference room or whether I truly do not know up from down. That's the effect this class has on my brain.

Speaking of the accounting class, as of the quiz submitted today, I now have 142 points, enough for a "C-". What a relief to know that I am passing this class, even though I do not understand most of it. Together the study team should be able to get a solid "B," maybe even an "A". This will be, I think, my last accounting class. I have passed the level of my incompetence. Next semester, probably Business Law.

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