Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you scatter thorns, don't go barefoot.

Italian Proverb

I have the bad habit at work of slipping my shoes off. Sometimes I run around the office stocking foot – usually late in the afternoon after the exodus has well begun. A co-worker has expressed great concern that I might step on a staple, get an infection, and DIE. A beautiful and beloved daughter concurred this is a dangerous practice. So far, I have had no problem.

This week for some reason, I have worn strap-on shoes that don't just slip off. Yesterday, shoes firmly on, I felt a prick in the side of my foot. A STAPLE - inside my shoe..


  1. LOL First the title made me laugh, then the post.

    Now that's irony! lol

  2. Ha! See, that's why I feel no fear in going barefoot in most places! In fact, because I go barefoot at all possible times, my feet are so tough that that staple would have surrendered.

    As I learned recently, though, my bare feet are not immune to thorns.

  3. I too love to go barefoot at work, last summer someone complained and said it was unhygenic. Give me a break. So, I have tried to be more compliant. But let me say no one knows what goes on behind my desk...