Friday, May 15, 2009

an earful

12:32pm I am listening to an old Satellite Sister Podcast on Winnie the Peg while I am working. I wish I could rewind a little bit, but the back button goes all the way to the beginning of the podcast. Anyway, one of the sisters has a little spot of news bits from around the world. Things you just don’t hear about here. For instance, while most in most cultures, one can save a beach chair by leaving one’s towel on it Germans do not observe this custom. They will remove your towel and take “your” chair. Even when not in Germany. But that’s not what made me stop working to take a moment to write to you before I forgot. In China, there is a man who can breathe (at least out) THROUGH HIS EAR. He can blow up balloons and blow out birthday candles. (And to think how impressed I am that Thomas S Monson can wiggle his ears.) I just thought this was something you should know. Do with it what you will.

2 pm - You may remember that in February I received a letter telling me that I have been designated surplus. I am in line to be let go. Last night, the Governator announced that he would be sending lay-off notices to 5000 state workers today. I have been a bit blue and anxious all day, waiting for my letter and worrying about Miriam and Joseph who started working for the state later than I did. Parks just put out notice to its employees that we have enough vacancies in the department, that “State Parks will NOT issue any of those notices because we have enough vacancies to achieve the required reductions without laying anyone off.” Hooray! I have dodged the bullet – this time. I hope Miriam and Joseph are ok, especially Miriam.


  1. 1. That's interesting info. lol

    2. So glad your job is safe... any news on Miriam and Joseph?

  2. Sariah - Neither of them were at work the full day - Miriam had a dental appointment (deep cleaning - ow) and Joseph took off early to go on the Aaronic Priesthood Father-Son Camp Out. Neither of them got surplus notices when I did and neither is aware of rumors at work.

    Even so, I am a bit concerned for them. However, if Joseph is laid off, I will encourage him to go to school full time while he job hunts.

    After the special election this Tuesday, if the measures fail (which I fear I think most of them should - it is just borrowing from the future and smoke and mirrors as far as I can tell), there will be another round or at least threat of cuts. The current "budget" hinges on all the measures passing. After the election, they have to go back to start - if I understand this mess at all.