Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wake up call or near miss at the airport

Brushing my teeth (with an electric toothbrush) at 5:30 this morning,
I didn't hear my cell phone in the next room. Fortunately, I heard the
last ring as I returned to my room, but of course I missed the call.
Area code 801 - Utah! I hit the call back button. Andrew answered!

Benjamin popped into the shower before I had a chance to tell him
Andrew was on the phone. I woke up Joseph to talk to him somewhat
drowsily and caught Ben as soon as he was decent, so each of us got to
talk with him briefly.

They were at the airport, luggage successfully checked in. He made
weight! That's a relief. The smaller bag checked in fine. The big
one went up to 54 pounds (la gasp!),but settled back down to 50.

Andrew sounds so good!

He assured me that he did get to eat "plenty of ice cream." In their
district there was another companionship with a fast eater and a slow
eater, so they did "splits" (temporary companion trades).

We are trying to figure out the email thing. He emailed home last
week, but I didn't get it. Of course, he has no idea what computer
availabilty he is going to have and it will change with every
transfer, but he gave me his e-address. OR? is
it ElderRobarts@my ? I am going to send him an email so that
he will have my address. If you want to email him - remember that his
computer time is going to be extremely limited. P-days are always
busy and computers are not always available. The more time he spends
reading e-mails, the less time he will have to WRITE e-mails. Keep
them short and sweet. (single ladies - not "too sweet"!)

I can hardly remember what we talked about in the short time we had.
It was just so good to hear his voice. I could hear in his voice that
he has grown a lot.

He was happy and excited. He said it's better than getting Eagle.

Soon he will be landing in Canada!


  1. ~~ Checked my email on break. The all lower case e-address bounced back:

    "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
    Technical details of permanent failure"

    Nothing on the one with proper caps. IF it works, it may be quite some time before we know.

  2. Try sending it to ""... that's what the missionary frim my ward's e-mail is. Also, it is his first and last name, not "elder"... I wonder if Andrew's is that or not.