Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too Far Away To Use Duct Tape

The gentleman from Minnesota, too far away to apply duct tape to mouth and fingers to stop my constant whining about my Palm, sent me a link to Craigs list.

Tomorrow after the Mount Vernon Memorial Park (nice cemetery) Annual Memorial Day Service, I will meet "Ben" at Sunrise Mall and most likely buy his Palm TX. - Ben is a nurse or a nursing student whose girlfriend bought him the TX. However, he doesn't want to become Palm dependent and he needs money. Girlfriend understands. TX is practically new.

I hope this works!

Speaking of working.

My good friend Kent set up Winnie and somehow Winnie picked up a lot of nice applications. Among them Scriptures - complete set of LDS scriptures, manuals, and other resources, plus the US Constitution and I don't remember what else. Recently Apps Store sent an update notification. The update did something serious to the Scriptures which promptly quit working. Apps Store then sent out a warning not to use the update because it had a serious flaw. Thanks.

Now I had to delete Scriptures. And - had I purchased it myself have them re-load it. However since that was a borrowed copy on trial, it was now time to buy it myself. Of course, our old family computer is not capable, so I asked Joseph to do it on his. They happily agreed to charge my credit card. Then said that that computer was not authorized to download. He worked through that somehow.

Then they said that they had to save everything on their iTunes library OR ELSE WIPE MY TOUCH. So, we said ok. I lost a few applications and several games - a lot of them free anyway - that were from Kent. Fortunately, I don't see anything really important missing. I am happy to still have my audiobooks and music. I don't think Joseph let them back those up. Now I have my own set of Scriptures (a good buy for $15) and am looking at what applications and games I want. I think I will go work on that and let someone else (that would be Ben) have some computer time.


  1. (Blushing.....)

    Congrats! From one Palm addict to another...

    I cant imagine leaving the house without mine... Its my constant companion! I'm not sure, but I am thinking you could find your scriptures in a palm format too!

    PS... This comment is being left from my Palm, while I lay in bed hitting the snooze bar!

  2. I hope you are happy with the new palm. Bill has a BlackBerry, that does quite a bit, but I am thinking of looking into a palm.

  3. I got it and I think I am going to love it. My son was able to update my Palm Desktop and restore everything from my old Palm - except what was on the expansion card. My Palm is back! - woke up in a time warp. I am getting TX caught up on new data since January and learning the new ropes.

    I haven't learned too much about my internet capabilities, but we do have wireless, so there are interesting possibilities.

    Thanks FoF!

  4. I'd be glad to take Winnie off your hands. ;D

    xD Just kidding of course. I've just wanted an iPod touch ever since I tried out my friend's. I used to sit next to him in math class, and I'd play it all class under my desk! xD