Monday, May 11, 2009

knew not what to think

My neighbor situation rather reminds me of the people of Zarahemla in the Mosiah 25 (in The Book of Mormon) Verse 8 "For they knew not what to think...." where they go through this up and down routine - when they thought of this they rejoiced, but when they thought of that they sorrowed. The other thing filled them with joy again, yet something else saddened them.

I am very sad not to have Tom, Ruth, Esther and Jared "almost next door." Even though sometimes weeks would go by without seeing them outside of church, I knew they were right there. It was nice for both households to have borrowing, visiting privileges so conveniently close. Sometimes when I had my back door open, I could listen to the kids playing while I worked around the house. It was delightful and lovely to have them as close neighbors. I am really going to miss them.

On the other hand, their new house is much bigger and roomier for them. It it light and airy. It is in a pleasant neighborhood and they already know that their new ward (congregation) is helpful and friendly. So, I am happy for them that they got such a nice place.

It is going to be a good move for them. (Just not so much for me.)

Some perks for me, though. Tom sold me his old propane BBQ for $25. I need to learn to grill, but now I can be one of then neighbors with the make you jealous smells instead of being the jealous neighbor. I think I am getting a couple of old barrel planters they are not taking, also.

The boys, Debi, and several ward members helped them move all day Saturday. Old ward members helped them load; their new ward members helped them unload. Their new ward Bishop also gave them some eggs and milk left over from their Aaronic-Priesthood Commemoration Father-Son Camp-out. And, Ben tells me, took their picture.

I spend all day doing some of the regular "daily" housework that I am never home to do. No, I didn't catch up. But it was better.

Friday, Ben made waffles for dinner for all of us. Saturday, I took a pot of beans to the new house - not thinking about their dishes being all packed still! but we managed with disposable cups.

Moving is so much work and confusion! They are, however, coming right along with it. All the household goods are moved, now they just have to find their new proper places. Fresh start.

The old house and I are slightly bereft. It sure was nice while it lasted.

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