Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the plea of a desperate woman

Today's Dear Elder letter to Andrew:

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dear Elder Robarts,

You cannot imagine with what eager hope I open my email several times
a day or how sadly I turn away without word from you.

Tomorrow it will have been 2 weeks since I left you at the MTC. What
happened to 30 minutes a week at the computer to email home?

RMs tell me that some missionaries even sneak in a little letter
writing (snail mail) during meetings.

I am sure that you said that you started a letter at Adairs. Where?
Where? Where? (is the letter?)

I know you had stamps and envelope (and that they are to be had at
the MTC. I am reasonably confident that you know the address of your
nativity and youth.

Why is there no word?

Why the long torturous silence????

Are you going to tell me that the problem is that you have received so
many letters you barely have time to read - leaving no time to write?

Perhaps I will slightly relieve that problem by writing no more until
I hear from you. (But what do I do about Sariah and Kelsey?? Can I
persuade them to stop writing as well? I don't think it would be
easy. What??! Are you writing to them and not to me?!)

Surely I have not been so poor a mother as to deserve such heartache
and neglect!

One of my blogger friends tells me that she got NO mail in the MTC
despite writing several letters herself. Do you envy her?

Poor Ben, seeing my distress (and wishing to hear of you himself) is
pledging that he, at least, will write to me when his turn comes.

Soon I shall contact the MTC to find out if you died and they forgot
to tell me.

I languish.

A word, please! A word.

Your lonely, loving Mother.


And do you know? It worked! I got home and found A LETTER FROM
in the mailbox! I am going to post it on his blog now.


  1. glad you heard from him. it IS hard to wait for those precious bits of news!

  2. Elders! It's like they don't notice the days quickly going by or think that you're sitting at home waiting with bated breath for the mail to come or the email to chime. I'm glad you finally got a letter.