Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why am I not in bed?

Saturday, May 23 11:47 pm

It is almost Sunday. Why am I not in bed? Why is nobody in bed? Joseph and Miriam are playing on the Wii. Ben is trying to write to Andrew on the Palm that was once Andrew's and before that Glen's? We thought it was long since dead, but somehow Ben revived it.

I miss MY Palm! Ben keeps offering me the one he rescued, but I don't trust it or myself with it. Besides, HE rescued it. I don't know what I am going to do. Winnie does her own good thing, but she is not Palm. sigh

What's been happening around here? Quite a bit - interesting or not.

Thursday, Benjamin and I met with Adele (Tuffy's "mom") who does guidance counseling for high school students. She had suggestions for what Ben should study next year. After talking to her a bit, we found we are pretty much on the right track. That's reassuring. He is going to try to get into SCC and take an intro Psychology class and Japanese. She encouraged him to take another math course (with HCS) rather than taking a break from math.

I took Friday on furlough. First order of business, get my (car) oil changed. Past due, and I am sure I could "feel" the car was getting gritty. Soon after Seminary, I went to Car Care Plus. Alas, they said they are appointment based now and I could come back at 1:30. As I was backing out of the service line, I scraped another car! At first I couldn't see anything and I was tempted to just drive away. But, how could I go to the temple if I did that?! So, I went in and confessed my sins. Spent an hour or more talking to the Car Care Plus people, the car owner, and AAA insurance people. Everyone was pretty nice, but my premium will be going up most likely. ; (

There went any hope of going to the temple that day. Not enough time left. But at least I was honest.

We fixed dinner for the missionaries - pot roast with carrots, baked potatoes, salad and watermelon. They didn't come. Miriam did. We played on the Wii until the missionaries were an hour late, then we ate dinner. And played on the Wii until past our bedtime. The boys went to bed. I went to bed after 11. Miriam was still playing. (We did have prayer and scriptures).

This morning Tuffy came to stay the weekend while her folks to to a wedding. I held an overexcited Anna whose rough pads and nails wrecked havoc on my bare feet. When we released the dogs to greet each other, Tuffy ran over and peed on Anna's bed! nice touch. Boy that seems like a long time ago.

Debi came over today. She helped me work in cleaning the garage a bit. Of course, she wants me to throw away EVERYTHING. We filled both Hinds old and our garbage and recycle cans, a little can and more of hazardous waste, and the backseat of my car with stuff - mostly luggage - to take to a Goodwill trailer. A quick shower after the Goodwill dump, and we were off to Allison Hamaker's commencement.

Allison has earned a MASTER of Sciences in Business - concentration in Taxation. It takes 4 years or so of full time study to earn a Bachelors, a few more years to earn a Masters. She did this while working to "help" support her family, being a mom, and serving in the church. An AWESOME accomplishment. She is some woman. And still likes her less educated and accomplished friends.

After the commencement ceremonies , Hamakers hosted a picnic at Tahoe Park. yummy - brats, ribs, veggie burgers (I did not have one) green salad, coleslaw, and BERRIES. Good food, good friends, good weather.

Allison had borrowed Foell's truck to transport tables and chairs. At the park, they needed to move the truck. They gave her brother the keys to move the truck. He jammed the wrong key into the ignition where it stuck fast and stripped the ignition. After the picnic, Greg had to go buy parts and replace it. Holly had to take their van home, remove the seats and come back so they could take the chairs and tables back where they belonged. We stayed to help with the loading up.

Other than that, it was a fun picnic. We had brought our fold up toss game, purple beach ball and frisbees. Allison's nieces and nephews had a great time with them. Somewhat unconventionally, often. For a while there were 3 of them wearing the ball toss game on their heads together running around the park. Surprisingly, all our toys came home in tact. The children also went home in one piece.

It is Sunday. Must rest.


  1. Ok... I am providing this link based on the info in my statcounter... The location may be off...

  2. Ok... I am providing this link based on the info in my statcounter... The location may be off...

  3. You were quite the busy bee, eh?? Did I ever tell you about the time I jumped out of my car, thinking I had thrown it into park, and hadn't?? I left my poor son calling me hysterically. But there was a wasp in my face! A wasp!! I can't convey how terrified I am of bees and wasps. By the time I came to my senses, the car was rolling backwards across the church parking lot. Hunter bailed (which upset me more than anything. What if he had tripped and landedunder the moving car??) I ran back, after making amazing time, to grab the brakes of the car. Not in time to avoid hitting the front end of a truck parked behind us. I came away unscathed, but his car had a huge scratch on his plastic bumper.

    No idea whose truck it was, so I left a note, apologizing profusely, and left my name and number.

    Then I waited on pins and needles for a call that never came. Huh?? I scratched their expensive F250 and no call?? Finally, two weeks later, the girl I do daycare for laughed and said "Oh, I meant to call you. You hit our truck. But that scratch was already there, so we are good."

    Lucky, I tell you.

  4. Oh, Pam, what an adventure! Glad it turned out well. Makes a great story!