Sunday, May 17, 2009


The guys had a good time at the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration Father-Son Camp Out. No flashlight flag, no Capture The Flag. A good, but not great, outing. All my guys, including Jared (3 year old grandson) talked about the hike to the waterfall. Benjamin found a worthy stick-fighting opponent in Evan Young. Everyone returned home safely.

But I was not here to welcome them. After a morning of chores, a bit of time on Facebook, a few games of tennis on the Wii, I was off to babysit grandkids and to watch the Preakness. Babysitting was scheduled to start some time during the Preakness show so I went over early.

Two weeks ago, Mine That Bird, a 50 to 1 long shot, came from the very last of the field to win going away by several lengths. An amazing upset. A beautiful run to watch. Breathtaking!

Meantime, a filly has been blowing away the racing world racing against fillies only. Her owners did not believe in girls playing with boys. After the Derby, Rachel Alexandra was sold. Her new owners entered her in the Preakness. Calvin Borel who rode Mine That Bird in the Derby switched to Rachel, who he says is the best horse he has ever ridden. Rachel was the favorite at 2 to 1. Mine That Bird started at 6 to 1 under Mike Smith.

Rachel take the lead right away. Bird trailed last. Finally, Bird made his move and, like in the Derby, started passing the other horses like they were standing still. In the Derby he made it through on the inside rail. This time the horses blocked him and he had to go around on the outside. Man, that horse can move! Not quite fast enough or soon enough, however. Rachel won by 3/4 or maybe a length. Bird took 2nd closing. Hot race!

Rachel is easily a hand or more taller than Bird. Fillies carry 5 lbs less than colts/geldings. But that's horse racing.

A little more distance or an opening on the rail and Bird might have won. On the other hand, Borel says we didn't see Rachel at her best at all, she was having trouble with the track.

Some say had Borel been on Bird, he would have won, but Borel says Smith rode a good race.

Those two are some horses! (Too bad Bird is a gelding!)

I eagerly await the Belmont Stakes - hoping for a match off!


Summer has come to Sacramento. HIGH 90's yesterday. Looking at 100+ today. No Delta Breeze until at least Monday. sigh Suddenly Winnipeg doesn't look bad at all!

Time to go to church where I hope to not only to learn to escape the fires of hell, but also to find AIR CONDITIONING.


  1. We've been warm too. Though, not nearly. 80s is plenty warm for me, I really love the 70s. So, I'll be looking forward to Tuesday when things cool back down into my comfort zone again. :)

    The race sounds exciting! I'm always just glad when no one gets hurt. They're amazing animals. :)

  2. I thought the race was awesome, too! I was hoping Mine That Bird would pull through, but seeing a girl win was of course nice, too. :) I can't believe how fast that horse is, coming from behind!!

  3. I know nothing about this sport, but reading your report of it was pretty thrilling. Maybe I'll have to start learning more.

  4. I'll trade you weather! We had tons of icky snow today. =( Fortunately it all melted. We didn't get as much as predicted. Supposed to get up to high teens (or low 60s)by the end of the week. Edmonton is ready for spring!!! Please, Spring, COME TO US!!! =(