Friday, June 26, 2009


Eligible List Disclosure Selection by Class Title
List Type: Departmental

Candidate ID Rank Score
223-322 1 79%
863-990 2 76%
863-361 3 73%
885-874 4 70%
482-050 5 70%

This certainly makes me wonder about the competence of the system!

These are the exam results from Tuesday's horrible, humiliating exam experience. (They told us we would hear in 4-6 weeks) 70% is passing. The first three are reachable for promotion, I believe.

I, in case you did not guess from the post title) am #482-050. Far from being bothered at ranking last, I am stunned, amazed, nearly flabbergasted that I passed at all. I hear that 6 of us took the exam. My friend/co-worker Mary is 885-874. I am not at all surprised that she ranked above me, only that she did not score higher percentage than I. My friend/coworker Sherri is 863-361 - #3! Sherri came from cleaning houses to State work maybe a year ago. She works in the cashiering unit now, which gave her some small exposure to some of the terms I didn't know. She put her experience to good use.

Two gals in our unit who are currently Accountant I's tested yesterday for another promotional exam. If one or both of them are successful and move up, our boss will try to give Mary and/or I their spots. I don't know if she will pick up Sherri first, or not. Sherri was in our unit before going to cashiering.

Providing Parks remains in operation. And us short-termers (that includes Sherri and I) are not laid off.

This exam is Parks only, not Statewide. I have no anticpation of moving, even it is a promotion, to another unit. - I know I am in a good unit, and unless forced, will not move without being assured of an equally pleasant situation - hard though that may be to imagine. Once basic survival is assured, how much more money would it take to make it worth going to an office one didn't like?? - But it is nice to know one's options have increased.


  1. Congratulations! It's such a nice feeling to find out that all worked out despite the stress. I'm so glad you still have a job in a unit you are happy with. I hope it stays that way as long as you want it to.

  2. congrats on your passing score. Hope things continue to work out well for your job!