Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today is better

This morning I walked with Sister Welge and Anna, then quickly got my bike and rode – without incident! Hooray! – to light rail, even managing to catch the 7:30 train. Pretty good.

Joseph did go to the zoo with me last night. We barely got there in time to get in, but in we did get. It was a very pleasant evening for strolling through the zoo. The friendly parrot was happy to visit. The lion roared quietly. The otters swam and played. The monkeys / lemurs made an awful lot of noise that sounded like a dog-fight. Instead of buying their dinner - which was pretty much a done deal by the time we got there anyway, we ate chicken patty sandwiches on the way which I made while waiting for Joseph to get home. We walked and talked about the situations in Iran and in North Korea.

I thought I was doing quite well today except for repeatedly thinking that for some reason it felt like it should be Friday. Maybe I am hoping for Friday to hurry and come because Benjamin comes home Friday. Also, I haven’t gone to Costco yet, haven’t really felt like going, and hope that I do go before the gas runs too low. Another reason to bike. It is not as much fun to come home with a car load of groceries with Andrew and Benjamin gone!

But then, on morning break, I opened my email – happy surprise! Andrew's letter! (which you can read on The Armor of God - link on the right) Earlier than it used to come. Honestly, though, I had almost forgotten it is Wednesday even though I have been wishing my email correspondents Happy Hump Day.

Benjamin is off with the older Young Men – deep sea fishing today, I think. Actually out in the harbor? I think he said they were going to go crabbing. I expected them to be going out with rods and battling it out with swordfish or something. We shall see what he has to say when he returns. I am trying not to worry about him being seasick, sunburned, whacked by fishing equipment or man overboard. I am sure he is having a fine adventure.

time to get back to work.

Dear Readers, I enjoy reading your blogs, too! But some of you, and you know who you are, have not been posting. Please, friends, I miss you.

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  1. Glad you're feeling more upbeat today. Also glad you got a letter from your missionary!

    So very glad the bike is no longer giving you problems. Bike riding can be such a pleasure when you're not always fixing it.