Tuesday, June 2, 2009

worrying a bit about the California budget

California's budget is a disaster and something - lots of somethings - have to done. It is going to be ugly and painful.

So far it seems like everything they try only makes things worse.

There is talk about closing 220 State Parks. http://www.kcra.com/video/19628396/
I am worried about my job, of course! and a whole lot of others, about where people will go for inexpensive recreation, and what will happen to the parks - vandalism, crime, destruction. Local communities depend on the tourism that parks bring in. Instead of being an asset to the community, the parks could be come trouble spots.

Many good and some necessary things are going to have to be cut. Some drastically. Painful for everyone. Of course, all those lost jobs means less tax revenue and more welfare. Which doesn't help.

The Governator wants to cut us state workers - those who don't get laid off entirely - ANOTHER 5% - this time without even giving us furluough time. The union is naturally fighting that. It seems like state workers are taking more than our fair share of hits.

I keep hearing that we are near the bottom. I hope so!

I don't know what the answer is for California, but I do hope that the cutbacks won't be nearly as bad as they are predicting - especially for our beautiful parks.

Meanwhile, I am grateful to have a job!! I just do my best everyday and trust the Lord to help us.


  1. It's scary. Wanna move up here? ;) Of course, we'd have to find you a job first and even though Washington isn't in the same boat as California, we still have a high unemployment rate along with everyone else right now, so that might be easier said than done. :S

  2. I worry daily, too. Bill trying to start a company in this economy has got to be the most hairbrained idea....but what is our choice. We are facing three months with no income. I pray daily the Lord accompanies us on this scary journey.

    May your job, and those of your loved ones, stay safe.