Monday, June 22, 2009


I went walking with Anna, my dog, and Cyndi, my friend without whose urging I might not be walking now that Seminary (early morning religion class for high school students) is out for the year. Then I grabbed my bike and bike bag and left the dog crying at the door because she was being left behind.

The bike commute to the light rail station started off well. I was thinking, "I can do this!" Then the chain jammed. I think I do not know how to shift properly. It looks like the chain jumped its whatever it's supposed to be on and jammed between that and the frame. My efforts to free it only resulted in really dirty, greasy hands.

Fortunately, I had grabbed a hand towel for ridding myself of excess moisture due to my exertions. Unfortunately, the towel used to be white - before I wiped my grimy hands on them.

Fortunately, this derailment (or whatever it is) occured only about 3 blocks from my destination. I used my bike as a scooter the rest of the way. Unfortunately, my pusher foot is the one that has been acting up lately and I had a few uncomfortable moments, but it is fine now.

I scooted to the bike rack, locked up, grabbed my bag and started up the stairs to the platform as the train approached. I had to run hobble around the end of the train, but I made it on.

Standing room only. Generally public transit is pretty democratic and we are all equal, male or female, young or old. Sometimes even elderly persons must stand. Usually if someone is especially burdened someone will give them a seat. However, this morning, two gentlemen each offered me seats. First, I declined, but then I gratefully accepted. Another gentleman gave up his seat at the next stop when a couple of ladies got on. Chivalry is not entirely dead.

I caught the 7:30 which gets me to work half an hour early so I have time for breakfast and email before work. Sweet. I had anticpated that I will have to take the 7:45 to work on bike days - which would still give me a few minutes, but we must have ended our walk a little early.

I am not sure what happens this evening when I return to my bike. If I am really lucky, I get the chain loose and then back on its what'sit. Otherwise I decide whether to walk/scoot the bike home or to walk home, get the car and go back for the bike.

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  1. Did you get the chain fixed? My chain was always falling off when I was on my mission. It was so annoying. The good thing is that if it happens enough, you get really good about being able to get it back on.