Thursday, June 25, 2009

"No one can be right all of the time, but it helps to be right most of the time." - Robart Half

The quotation has no relation to anything here except I like it and it reminds me of some people - both some who THINK they are right all the time and some who usually are.

Cyndi W told me during our morning walk that she has gotten 2 texts from her son Matt who is on the same activity as Benjamin. They arrived safely after a LONG drive Tuesday. He had fun fishing Wednesday - went out on the boat twice - and they caught a lot of fish. Rockfish (?) Benjamin is carrying a phone which says it has an almost dead battery. It often says that. It may have some power, who knows. He is keeping it off to preserve what power it does have in case of an emergency.

I biked home without any trouble last evening. Although the weather was in the 90’s, biking 2 miles at an easy pace was not uncomfortable. I was home with my bike locked up and my shoes changed by 6, so I can probably even bike on nights Benjamin has Young Men’s – if he fixes dinner. Which he often does on Wednesdays. I biked to work again today and again was fortunate enough to catch the 7:30am. Which I usually do in the summer, but which is better than I manage on Seminary days after dropping off Benjamin and Anna. : )

Last night Joseph and I cleaned up some of the branches down in the back yard – the neighbor behind us apparently has been trimming the many wayward wild branches that crossed the fence from our place to theirs. We stopped when the can was full. More later. Then we took a load of stuff to the DI trailer. I am trying to remember what else I have been promising myself goes this time, but cannot I recall other than that one big pile. I am having some second thoughts about the drapes I sent. We put some of the drapes from my mother up in the family room, but I wonder if I should have kept the remainder of the whitish/cream color drapes to trade off with the blue ones in the front room. The main thing keeping me from going to reclaim them is the wrath of Ben. He is trying so hard to help us de-junk. I need to find some more sorting time and energy. It would be nice to have a spare set to trade out now and then, but where would I keep them? Still thinking….

This Saturday I am probably going to go to a How to Fix Your Bike Flat workshop ( free ^^) at one of the Bicycle Shops. And spend yet more money on tubes and rim tape. Plus tools to carry – if I think I can actually fix a flat – like the little get the tire out of the rim things Joseph uses – and pump. Who says bicycling is cheap transportation?! Next month (?) there’s a class on keeping your bike clean and lubed. Oh the excitement. But I should learn.

Saturday afternoon, Ruth is having her Mystery Hostess New Catalog Party. I am looking forward to that!! Although a new catalog might be dangerous! Actually, the last couple of catalogs really didn’t have that many new stamps that really grabbed me. Especially not that many but what I already have a set that I could appease myself with. But you never know. What I need to do is find time when my brain is half working when I can actually do some stamping!

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  1. Bikes! I got so sick of fixing and repairing and taking care of the stupid thing on my mission I vowed I would never ride a bike again. It's been long enough that I enjoy bikes again, but they are so frustratingly fragile sometimes. On the upside, I got really good at fixing a flat on the side of a road far from home.

    Decluttering is never as easy as we think it will be. There are definitely some emotions involved.