Monday, June 29, 2009

What's Your Number?

Saturday! I like Saturdays.

Saturday morning, I took the dog on a morning run –me on my bike, her running. Only about half a mile. This morning, Monday, our walking buddy couldn’t make it, so we did our bike / run thing again. This time more slowly and we did about a mile. Anna loves it.

I went to a class at City Bicycle Works on how to change a bicycle flat. Joseph had shown me, The class reinforced / clarified his instruction and taught me another trick or two which I shared with him. One thing he already knew but forgot to tell me, another thing was new for him. It was pretty good. They gave each of us a patch kit and I bought a spare tube and tire levers. I bought a portable pump, too, but when Joseph showed me how much easier his is to use, I took it back. Trouble is nobody carries the pump I want. There is one like it on ebay only with a gauge, too. Joseph is thinking about buying that one and selling me his. If he doesn’t, I can have a shop order one for me. ( I don’t need a gauge on my portable, I am not strong enough to be in any danger of over inflating.) In the meantime, I hope I don’t get a flat, because without a pump, you sure can’t do much! Actually, I would just rather not get a flat, anyway.

Next month, I will go to their clean/lube class. And encourage the guys to come, too.

After the class, Joseph and I ran some errands. Including taking back the drapes I had put in the Deseret Industries donation truck. With Benjamin’s permission even. So, now I can trade out drapes for cleaning or, in the front room, just for a change. But I need to find a place to store them. Need to do more garage cleaning!

But not during the heat wave. Back in May we hit 100, but since then it has been unseasonably pleasant. Now, it’s acting like Sacramento in the summer time. It was 108 Sunday. Just a tad less Saturday and today. It will stay hot almost to the weekend, then go down into the 90’s.

No time for garage cleaning anyway! Saturday, Ruth had her New Catalog Mystery Hostess Party. Always fun! The only sad thing was that I had hoped that MAYBE David and Teresa would come visit. Joseph needs brother-tech talk time and Teresa would enjoy the party. On the other hand, they have lovely weather in San Luis Obsipo and would not have been comfortable here this weekend. This catalog has way more new things I like than the last one did. So many lovely temptations!

I spent some time this weekend thinking about my Christmas cards. If I don’t get started soon, I won’t get them done. I need to figure out how many I need to make. My list is always ridiculously long. There are a lot of good people in my life. In terms of making and sending Christmas cards, too many : )

By the time I left Ruth’s, it was too late to go to Costco, so that trip was postponed again. Fortunately, I got gas Friday before driving to my eye doctor in Davis.

Instead, Joseph and I went to Winco where I spent too much money and bought a lot of food I was too tired to put away. It is still on sitting on the table. (Except the cold stuff, of course!) It is hard to spend too much money at Winco, but if you are hungry and tired and have procrastinated going for a good while, you can do it.

Among other things, I bought 3 randomly chosen laundry detergents. An experiment. A friend had mentioned in a budgeting class that when she shops she buys one brand, but when her husband shops he buys another. One of them buys a brand that they think cleans better and smells fresher, the other buys for economy. I have bought for economy for ages. I have never been really excited about how my laundry looks and smells. Except back in the day when I had babies in diapers. I actually was mildly proud of how nice and white my diapers were. And thoroughly rinsed so there would be no irritants left. Anyway, I this time I indulged and we are going to see if we notice any wonderful differences/preferences.

Sacrament Meeting was a little different and fun, but still spiritual. Pre-assigned ward members told a little bit about what made their favorite hymn special then we sang the hymn. If you had that assignment, what hymn would you choose? The first one that comes to my mind is #193 “I Stand All Amazed” which almost always chokes me up, although not a few of them move me.


  1. I think it's so cute how you say it's hot and then will get down into the 90's. Ha ha. I think the 90's is just about more than a girl can bear.

    I love "Lead Kindly Light." I'm always running potential cello/piano duets of it through my head. I've often found solace in the message. I also like "Scatter Sunshine" as a more upbeat hymn to sing.

  2. we've done that type of sacrament meeting several times, usu when something falls apart for the bishopric. :)

    they are fun, though. And .. I can't pick a fave. I have a hundred. so many have meant so much to me at different times of my life: because I have been given much, come, come ye saints, He is risen, etc, etc, etc.

  3. My first choice is always #85 "How Firm a Foundation". For lots of reasons. :)