Sunday, June 21, 2009

How far would your list lay out?

As ever, the list of things I did NOT get done Saturday far exceeds the list of things I accomplished.

I do believe that if my list of things to do on any given day were typed single space with 12 point font (Comic Sans, preferably) each item on its on line, the unrolled list would reach from my feet to any number of places I would like to visit - Vancouver, WA; Edmonton, Canada, the Grand Canyon, the feet of the Statue of Liberty, possibly even the British Isles.

Most days I am fortunate if I am able to accomplish an inch worth or two, and usually I add at least another task, more likely several, to the lineup.

Yesterday, while the list was not considerably shortened, was a fairly good and productive day.

Although I awoke before my alarm is set for weekdays, I enjoyed knowing that it was NOT going to go off on no-alarm Saturday. Someone else's alarm was heard - repeatedly and without response (grrr), but perhaps, had I managed to sleep in, it MIGHT not have awakened me. Still, must make note to remind someone to cancel alarms unless he actually intends to arise. Little progress on diminishing the chronic sleep deficit, but a pleasant short lie in.

While I did not take Anna for a morning walk, I did give her a good brushing. That dog is a limitless supply of hair! Ben, seeing a clump lying on the drive, said it looked like road kill.

I got Benjamin to Youth Conference almost on time. For once, he was not irritated at me getting him there a couple of minutes late (of himself, he would always - make that almost always - be SEVERAL minutes early - living with us is a constant trial for him), because I had remembered the correct time whereas he thought it started an hour later.

I recently decided to play Wii Tennis a few minutes every day as part of my exercise program. I haven't done terribly well at keeping that up lately. Joseph and I played a couple of sets. I didn't lose as badly as usual.

I took my bike to have a tire and both tubes replaced. In miles per dollar, I am not doing at all well. Months ago, I had the bike tuned up and fixed up. The first time I rode it after that (in September?), the front tire blew with quite an impressive Pop - almost a bang. After being walked the 2 miles home, it has sat since. Lately I have been thinking that on weather reasonable days when we do not have pressing evening engagements, I might pedal the 2 miles to (and therefore, of course, from) light rail rather than drive. Burn calories, not gas and all. I certainly have an abundant storage of caloric energy on which to draw. Hopefully, the miles per dollar ratio will significantly improve and I can improve my health without unreasonable dietary sacrifice.

I did a few domestic deeds - changed my sheets - reversing my head and foot to more evenly wear the mattress without the wear on me of turning the awkward thing, washed clothes and dishes (some a the same time, but none together), cleaned a bathroom.

Joseph and I picked up Benjamin from Youth Conference. (He had a great time.) Kidnapped the poor lad as we went straight on to Desert Industries. Joseph and I each shopped for clothes and books, while Benjamin languished in the car (his choice to be in the car) thinking he had gotten rather more than he bargained for.

In consideration of Benjamin's suffering, I put off visiting Costco for fuel, food, and who knows what other irresistible discoveries until one day after work next week. Probably not a biking day.

After a light supper - a salad inspired by hamburgers - I actually rode my bike!

Joseph and I rode to the light rail station so I could see how it goes. As this is already part of his daily commute, I realize that it was not a pleasure jaunt for him, but rather a bit of filial chivalry. Along the way, he shared tips he has learned to make the trip smoother and safer.

Back home, I leashed up Anna and took her for a brief bike run without crashing. Again, Joseph rode along, looking out for Mom.

I showered, put on my PJs, then remembered I needed to pick up my Avon, re-dressed and headed out. As Joseph and I were discussing a case of constitutional injustice he had come across on the internet, he walked along - trying to use his laptop at the same time. I called my morning walking buddy Cyndi who lives across from the Avon lady and arranged a meet up as she would like to bring her dog Sandy on our walks. Little Sandy had nothing good to say about meeting Anna, just plenty of growling, although her tail wagged. We kept the dogs apart and agreed to try again another time.

Constitutional converse continued back at home while I played Bejeweled 2 on Winnie and got all the way to level 12. Once all my jewels had fallen from the screen, I left Joseph to wrestle with the wrongs of society alone and went to bed. Clean sheets. Clean me. bliss.

We also managed both morning and evening family prayer Saturday as well as evening scriptures. Morning prayer sometimes gets missed on weekends. Today, for instance, will be late (or lost -not the plan) as Benjamin left with Bro. Farrimond to bring church to some shut-ins do a Sacrament Meeting or something for Boys State, some kind of annual week-long Junior Congress thing at CSUS and I failed to sound the shofar before the Bro arrived. (That would be cool, if I really had a shofar. I do have a Native American flute made by my brother. That could do nicely. ) Must remember morning prayer before heading off for Benjamin's choir practice before church. No, neither Joseph nor I are in the choir, for which many are grateful. I actually don't know if Joseph sings well or not. He is very quiet. I belong to the joyful noise category, which does not necessarily result in joyful hearing.

Anyway, I went to bed last night feeling pretty satisfied that it had been a full and productive day. Now, having written it out, it doesn't look like so much. : / But for me, it was pretty good.

Now I must chop almonds and peppers for Hawaiian Haystacks at Debi's this evening.


  1. It sounds like a lot! Good job! :)

    Hopefully the bike will work out; I really enjoy riding our bikes, though I have only done it for pleasure so far. :)

  2. You are one busy Mom!! I almost went to Costco today too, but decided a weekday might be a little less crowded. I've done a lot of stamping the last few days...wish you could join me!

  3. Sounds like a very productive day. Many times have kids opted to wait in the car than go in and browse with me.

    I hope the bike works out, and you figure out what jammed the chain. I would hate that.

    Keep up the great job.