Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anna is all alone today.

Today, tomorrow and the day after that. With the two cats and two birds, of course. But without humans, which to Anna means alone. Joseph and I are, of course, at work. Andrew and Benjamin are with the Young Men (Teachers and Priests) attempting various forms of suicide.

Today it will be White Water Rafting. From Lotus Park on the South Fork of the American River to Salmon Falls. (Hopefully, not OVER the falls?) None of us have been white water rafting. When I dropped the boys off at the meeting place this morning, one of the leaders entertained himself telling me about various injuries he has acquired while white water rafting and describing some of the rougher points of the river. Thanks, Frank.

At least tonight, they will be staying at a leader’s home about 3 blocks from our house. After that they will be camping somewhere.

Tomorrow, survivors will participate in water sports on Folsom Lake. In a committee meeting recently, I listened to the leaders chuckle over the divers methods they would use to try to annihilate our boys there. Bouncing them off tubes being towed by overloaded boats was mild. Severing heads and limbs with crossing tow ropes seemed popular.

Friday they will climb Mt. Talac from the Lake Tahoe side. This should not be too lethal – if they can avoid wildfires, altitude sickness, rock slides, and exhaustion. Of course, I don’t know Mt. Talac.

Saturday, they wlll be involved in “various activities” in the Lake Tahoe area. When they won’t tell you exactly what they will be doing is the time to be really worried.

Hopefully, I will see my sons alive again Saturday afternoon/evening.

Speaking of seeing sons alive. David and Teresa might come for the weekend ! for Andrew's ordination. They were also hoping to come to attend a friend's wedding, but that is not to be. That's sad, but better to break up before the wedding than after.


  1. Wow that sounds like crazy fun! And I do mean CRAZY fun! lol I'm sure they'll have a blast! :)

  2. We went white water rafting from Lotus Park when I was priest quorum advisor. It was a stake Priest/Laurel activity. Debi was a Laurel at the time. It was a lot of fun. I wouldn't worry about Salmon Falls…the way I remember it that was the only part of the trip where paddling was hard - the water wasn't helping us along any.

    I'm not very familiar with Mt. Tallac, but Teresa and I enjoyed hiking around nearby Emerald Bay on our honeymoon. The boys will have a great time.

  3. I hope they have a good time. Has Andrew received his mission call, or are you just prepping for it??


  4. We are still prepping. He hasn't submitted his papers, but should soon.