Friday, June 27, 2008

What is Water Club?

First a shout-out to Father of Five one of our nation's heroes! I hope your vacation works out!

Water Club is just that a bunch of co-workers pay in each month to have bottled water brought in so we don't have to go down the hall to the water fountain. ; )

Distinct advantages:

The water club water comes hot or cold so we can drink nice cold water, or mix up our instant cocoa, soups, cereal, et cetera. The drinking fountain down the hall comes luke-cool. The cooler was turned off years ago during an energy crises.

The water club cooler is right outside my cubicle. : ) !

Some people believe the bottled water is more pure. I am skeptical about that. Also, we have pretty good water here in Sacramento.

For $5 a month, I like the advantages of close hot or cold water.


  1. Well, I guess I can count that as one of the few perks to my job then. There is a water cooler (& heater) in our office for everyone to use.

  2. I assumed something like that... But I had to ask...