Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be." Jim Horning

Thursday morning, June 26, 2008

Having already waited longer than I should, I decided I had to gas up before catching light rail to work. That went ok, and I was almost on time to the light rail station. As I rushed to the train stop, I realized that I didn’t have my lunch bag. So,I hurried back to the car where it wasn’t either. I missed the train by that amount of time.

Of course, no one is home to put my lunch bag in the fridge for me. Am I going to have to throw away that lovely food, including my last artichoke?

A missed train is a crocheting opportunity. Except. My crochet hook is not in my bag. WHERE did I lose it?

My purse fell in the dirt.

This is no way to start a day.

The purse was closed and nothing fell out.

Light railruns into town every 15 minutes, so instead of getting to work nice and early, I was just a little early.

Things are looking up, right?

Water Club is completely out of water. We HOPE they deliver tomorrow.

The indispensible Ruth (at work, not daughte who is also indispensible) is still out - she is in the hospital - pnuemonia. Not only is Ruth a nice person, but this office is LOST without her. We don’t even know all she does - but she orders our supplies, knows where everything is, gets our mail, time stamps and sorts it, does runs to the Tresurer’s Office, distributes revolving fund checks, handles our payroll. Several times a day, someone comes to our cube looking for her - only to leave disappointed and dejected. Even the boss doesn’t know everything and how she does - you should have heard her and Rachel working on the mail yesterday - pretty amusing. Every once in a while someone comes and asks about something and we realize that is another thing Ruth quitly takes care of.

Good news -

I got my temple recommend renewed last night. Joseph babysat for Ruth (Young Womens) and Tom (Missionary Meeting) so I could.

While we were away at those things, Andrw called to report that he and Ben had survived the white water rafting and no sunburn. (hard to believe the no sunburn part.)

The Water Club guy (who turns the operation over to me July 1) borrowed 5 gallons from a neighboring water club. Whew! what a relief!


The day goes on.

Work didn’t go too badly today. Except for Ruth being gone.

Water Club ran out of water again well before the day was through. The other Water Club was completely dry, too. Probably not too happy with us, either.

I worked an hour late and will again tomorrow, maybe even later. Must get all the invoices processed by the 30th. The boss asked us to do overtime on Saturday, but if David and Teresa are here, I don’t want to. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am getting overtime, because I am working off some time I took earlier this month. I am not really sure how that works.

I found my crochet hook on the couch.

The dog enjoyed my lunch. I hope it doesn’t make her sick. Except I didn’t give her the artichoke. Do you think it is still safe for me to eat?

I logged on to my Savings Plus Investment Program which I have had for a whole 2 months. I am investing a whopping $75 a month. I am really going to have an incredible retirement. Especially since I am down $3 in service charges and have lost almost $4.50 on the market. in the market? At any rate, having saved $150, I now have $142.50. That’s progress.

I must go pay bills. My own bills now, not the state’s bills.


  1. Was your lunch in an insulated bag? I bet you anything Ryan would still eat it. But I don't know if that helps. lol

    Sorry it was not a very smooth day, I hope tomorrow is better. And I hope you get all your work done that you need to so you can enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. What is "Water Club"?

    (Just curious...)