Monday, June 23, 2008

By Popular Demand - the Underwater Room in Progress

Ok, one person asked.

Remember, my only camera is my cell phone.

When I was thinking about the boys' room,
I wondered what decorating theme could possibly go with our beat up old bunkbeds and decided they were wrecks - ship wrecks. The boys and I talked about it and decided to go for an under the ocean theme. sort of

It looks yellowish in this picture, but the ceiling is actually a light bright blue. David and Teresa slept in this room when the whole room was that color. I think David said something like, "It certainly is blue. " or maybe "It certainly is bright blue." It was a little overwhelming even though it wasn't all THAT bright.

Anyway, water seems lighter colored near the surface and darker as you get deeper.

This is almost bare naked wood floor. We have a couple of small patches that need to be hand sanded, small holes and some cracks to fill and sand down, plus the edges and corners - even though I pretty much beat the daylights out of the baseboard trying to get along the edge - need sanding. When we finish the floor, we will have to redo the baseboard. We have to decide whether/what color to stain the floor before adding the polyurethane finish (or something like that). I like the blond wood. (white ocean sands?) Joseph and Benjamin want it darker. I don't think Andrew has said. Do we want it the color of the bunkbeds??

The picture below shows where we no longer have termite damage because of Tom's hard work and expertise. If you look very, very closely, you might see the board that is not exactly even with the other. It was totally lose. Tom took out a couple of boards and all the destroyed sub-floor, replaced the supports, and replaced the floorboards. The support board I got didn't fit in exactly right, hence the slight difference. I cannot remember if I am supposed to try to build it up, sand down the others, or (my preference) live with it. It is right under where the sliding closet door will hang.

There should also be a picture of an outlet (plug). When I was sanding, the machine bumped the cord. I thought it came unplugged. Oh, no, it didn't just come unplugged. It busted the outlet. Tom fixed that, too.

And now for the piece de resistence - Andrew painted a fish on the wall. One fish. We are hoping he will add more. We do have some peel-off tropical fish decals, but Benjamin is now voting against them. No word from the other guys.

You may now return to your home shores.


  1. I think you guys did a great job, it looks really good! And I love Andrew's fish - I'm siding with Ben, the decals couldn't possibly look as good. Andrew's fish looks like you're seeing it through the water - it's perfect! :)

  2. Oooh, I like the light colored floor! I think it looks great with the theme actually. It definitely reminds me of the ocean floor on Nemo. I vote (though I know it doesn't count cause I don't live there) for protecting the floor, but not bother staining.
    And I really want Andrew to do more fish. Not a lot though. Don't go over board. It looks a lot better than the decal fish.

  3. The water treatment on the walls looks good. I think you should do similar on the ceiling. Andrew's fish looks great too - more would be nice, perhaps 3-4 small schools of fish around the room. If the decal fish are to be put up, they should be outnumbered by the painted fish at least 2-1. The decal fish would be close to the viewer, the painted fish in the distance.

  4. I say definitely do not paint the ceiling. That would be way overboard and make the room darker and the ceiling seem lower. Not to mention the work of doing it. Plus, if you are really underwater looking up at the sky, it would look light blue or white.
    I would just do a clear finish on the floor, too.
    Yeah, Andrew's fish is really good. I'd stick with that, and not use the decals in their room.
    Good job on all the work you guys are doing!

  5. that looks great! I was thinking of a similar idea when I painted my bathroom, then the wall beside the bathroom door - some way to get the 'feel' of the ocean.. I gave up though. love what you've done!