Monday, June 23, 2008


I had been working here for nearly a year and a half when my boss realized (was told, actually, I think) that I am (well, was now)  the first person someone sees when they enter our office.  She doesn't want that!  Really.  She "says" that is because the Office Technician is the one who is supposed to do the receptionist duties and that I should not be constantly interrupted from my duties.  (We don't have one at the moment and I am the back-up, but don't let a little thing like that bother you.)  So she decreed that I would switch work spaces with the Office Tech.   As we don't have one, I moved my pictures and much of my stuff over – making it look for quite some time as if I were taking over the entire area.  A couple of weeks went by.  Every now and then, Boss would say she was going to call IT to come move my computer.  Finally, she said she had called them. 


Thursday, IT guy, Q (Q is for Quoc, cool name) did come and move my computer.  Which, by the by, seems to have corrected a problem I was having not being able to open my Microsoft documents the last few days.


Friday, I didn't come in – that was suit and sander day.


Today, I am slightly disoriented in a new workstation – trying to figure out where things work, adjusting to a new keyboard – not only a different keyboard, but one that is on a tray that pulls out from under my desk instead of one that sat on my desk.  Everything feels a little off.  After awhile it occurred to me that I had not had to take any phone calls.  As it is not at all rare for me to answer nearly 20 calls a day, that seemed a little unusual.


Then the phone crew came to switch the phones for me.  And discovered that the front desk phone - the main office phone (the one the non-existent OT is supposed to answer, but I back up) was not plugged in!  Probably got unplugged Thursday in all the moving.  No wonder things were so quiet around here.


I had asked the boss's boss (the one who laid down the law on radio listening) about doing emails on break time and about listening to music in my iTunes library.  She said emails are ok on break "at this point in time" and that I could use iTunes if I didn't need to access the Internet.  I have been bringing CDs from home to put on the computer.  I put in "Favorites from the Classics – Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky disc 1" and the computer popped up with "Pink"!  (Which come to think of it must mean that the computer was asking the Internet about the CD, wasn't it? Oh, argh, rats!)  A couple of my co-workers were going, "Great! Send me a copy!" (which I don't know how to do anyway), but when you go to play "Pink" you get Tchaikovsky.  So I click on this young pink chick to listen to Nutcracker and Swan Lake.  


And that's the break. 



  1. In my version of iTunes I can turn off the feature that looks up track names by going to the Importing section of the Advanced pane of the preferences.

  2. I think it's funny that it came up with Pink. lol

    I'm sorry for the hassle of the move. Will it give you fewer interruptions? That might be nice. How do you like your new work space? Is it bigger? Do you have a window? etc. I hope it ends up being a better situation for you. :)

  3. The move should give me fewer interruptions, that is why the boss had me do it. Not that I much mind interruptions. As a veteran mother, I am quite used to interruptions!

    I didn't move far. We have two workstations at the front counter in one oversized cubicle.. The desk closest to the door is where the Office Tech traditionally sat. But view of this person is blocked by a conference room wall on one side and the cubie wall in the "front" for about half the work space. Then there's the opening for the counter. I sat ot the other end of the counter. People walking in saw me first and only saw the Office Tech once they turned around. So, I was the receptionist. But, that's not supposed to be my job.

    So, I just moved to the other end of the counter. I have about the same amount of space. I do have more wall so I can put things up. But I was already claiming that wall space - That's where Debi's calendar is. I wanted people coming to the front desk to be able to see it.

    If I stand up and lean forward I can look down the office hallway and get a glimpse of a bit of window.

    My boss asked me today if I like it better. I don't know. It is different. I don't really think it is better, but I don't think it is worse. It is just different.

  4. I think I have put up pretty much all my CD's, but if I find more, I might try that importing thing. On the other hand, then I have write in the labels. (I changed all Pink's titles to the correct Tchaikovsky ones, but I couldn't get rid of her picture.)

  5. LOL. The Pink/Tchaikovsky issue is rather funny. I crack up when technology gets it's wires crossed.

    Hope the new move is a good one.

    The pics of the boy's room are beautiful. They are going to love it when finished. I kinda like the blond wood, too. Makes for a more open look. Yay to Tom for being so talented, and willing to share those talents.


  6. That's funny. :)

    It's easy to change the picture in iTunes if you want to.

    Just right click on the song and select "Get Info"
    Go to the "Artwork" tab
    Then you can delete the picture or add a new one.

    Of course if you like looking at P!nk, you can just go ahead and keep it the way it is. :)