Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Work Day Just Got Longer, but Oh! The Weekend!

Work is drearier now. Our section manager sent out an email reminding us that we are not to use the internet for personal use, including listening to the radio while we work. argh! In fact, the tone suggested without clearly stating that we were not to use the internet for personal use (email) even during our breaks, which heretofore had been allowed. sigh and double sigh! Apparently listening to the radio uses a lot of bandwidth. sigh.

I am going to have to learn about modern technology and see if there is something I can both afford and figure out how to use. When I first started, I brought in a radio, but it got no reception. durnabbit. There is a woman in our office who has a little 2 inch TV for goodness sakes! But she sits closer to the windows.

I know that there is such a thing as downloading on to a device to listen to at will. Can I figure out how to download and get computer time? Should I get a chip for my phone? How long will the battery last? or get an MP3 player (whatever that is)? I am not a happy employee right now. Still, it's a job and a pretty decent one.

What else is/has been going on?

Last Tuesday, for Relief Society Enrichment, first they had a potluck which I missed because I was at the BloodSource, then Ruth did a card making workshop and Brother E did a car care workshop. Ruth had about a dozen busy, happy ladies. Brother E only had 4 or 5, but it was a pretty helpful session. How have I gone this long without noticing that the caps on engine compartments usually have little pictures to tell you what it is? And sometimes what grade stuff to put in. Has my engine always been too dirty? Mostly, I just don’t look under the hood that often. Even though I know that I should, for instance, check the oil every fill-up. I am pretty good about getting in for an oil change by the mileage.

Great things about donating platelets: I have a nice T-shirt collection, I also have a couple of nice blood-drop-shaped paperweight things, they give me snacks, and tell me not to do anything too strenuous for 3 days. I get to sit and watch a movie – last week it was “Walking Across Egypt” (I have daughters that poo-poo Feature Films for Families films, but I enjoyed it and many of their films. We have it at home, too, and I admit FFF edited it, maybe more than necessary.) Oh, and I help save lives. It’s a pretty cool deal.

BloodSource is moving to two new locations later this summer. Sad. They aren’t going to have the fish pond any more and maybe not plants. Some of the blood recipients – hospitals, not actual people – worry that the fish and plants somehow are going to contaminate the blood. I don’t see how that’s likely to happen. I will miss them! The good news is that one of the new locations is at an old paint store that has a kind of sculpture out front – different colors poles arranged in a rectangle. I have always liked it. It is also only about a block from Light Rail – unfortunately a kind of dirty stop with some rather grungy patrons, but I think it is safe enough, especially during daylight. There are some office looking people that use it, too.

Saturday morning I baked cookies for the Stake Father's Day gift. Then I went to the Relief Society President's home where I found a few "new" clothes amongst those someone donated for anyone who could use them.

The boys spent Saturday afternoon/evening with Glen. Playing Halo, of which I do not approve, and attending a River Cats game. Which chiefly meant for me that when I went to Costco, I had to remember to keep myself somewhat in check because my unloading team would be gone when I got home. They had a good time. I took a nap and went to Stake Conference Saturday session without them.

Sunday after Stake Conference, we spent a quiet afternoon. Watched a couple of movies. Did bits of hand work while watching. Such an exciting life, but pleasant.

Ruth came over to use the printer and approved the blue room. Tom came over looking for Ruth, approved the blue room and gave some advice on doing the floor.

Two other exciting things did happen Sunday!

The lesser one: I shook hands with the Area 70 - that's a near General Authority, right? !

The greater was related: Andrew was interviewed, found worthy, and sustained to be ordained an Elder. (It was while waiting during his interview that I shook hands with Brother Reynolds and our own President Fisher while visiting with Patriarch Fisher. I was certainly in great company.) Andrew will be ordained the end of the month. : )

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  1. Bummer about the new rules at work. :S

    Awesome about Andrew! :)

    Halo is really not bad. Cadi plays it with Ryan quite a bit. I'm sure if it's okay for her, it's fine for teenage boys. lol

    Are you going to post pics of the blue room?