Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Church Can Be a Dangerous Place

The only time I had ever had my wallet stolen was at church on a Mother's Day. I had set my purse up on the window shelf out of the way of the children while I helped in Nursery. Dummy me! The window was partly open and someone reached in and helped themselves.

You would think that should be a lesson.

However, I can now top that.

While our kids were in Seminary (early morning religion class for high school age students), my friend and I walked with my dog around the neighborhood. Leaving my purse and backpack in the car like an idiot! A church parking lot, early morning, another mom napping in a car nearby. But still.

Someone busted up my driver's window and stole my purse and backpack, including all my ID, credit cards, check book, cash, text book, a radio I was going to try at work, my new camera, my GPS for my car, I cannot remember what else and a very good lunch!

Most of which is not covered by my insurance and the rest of which does not probably reach my deductible.

I am a bit distraught.

Also - another word of warning - actually 2.

1- I have often thought and sometimes said, that if I were a pervert, I would "shop" at an LDS church. Lots of really cute kids running around loose, and distracted, busy, parents who think they are in a safe place. The two Seminary teachers, one also a Bishop (head minister of the congregation), said it does happen. The Bishop posts "watchers" in the hallways during Sacrament Meeting (main worship service) because so many people let their kids go out of meeting alone for a potty or water break and there are known offenders in the area. Offenders, btw, are like cockroaches. You may see one, but there are lots more. Watch your children, carefully!

2- Bad guys know that Mormons have long meetings. They break into cars, get information, and have 3 hours in your house without interruption. Be careful what you leave in your car. Be careful going home if your car looks like it has been tampered with.

Church can be a dangerous place, be careful but go anyway!


I cannot go anywhere because my car window is broken and I have no driver's license.
Ok, I can ride my bike.

I cannot replace my license because I have put stops on my credit cards and checking account.

I also lost my work ID, my school ID, which includes my Regional Transit pass, some RT individual passes.

We are out of milk, but I have no cash, credit cards, or checks.

I do have chocolate, but I don't think even that will help right now.


  1. I feel awful for you! I can't even imagine how scary this is and what exactly all the damage will end up being. I hope you've contacted all of the credit card and banks/credit unions to make sure no one can use your cards/checks. See if one of the girls can give you a ride to the bank and DMV in the next day or two. Your bank should be able to let you withdraw some cash in person without an ID if you can answer all your security questions, then go to the DMV to get a new ID. They'll give you a temporary one until the real one arrives. Not great, but a start.

    I wish I could help. I'm so, so sorry!

  2. Oh, and I think it wouldn't hurt to let the police know, even though they can't do anything right now. That way if someone tries to steal your identity, you'll have a record of the break in reported already. Plus, maybe they'll keep a closer eye on the church parking lot. :S

  3. So, I guess it's a good thing you didn't have your car window fixed this week! lol... Sorry, just trying to find a silver lining.


  4. Sorry to hear about this... I read your posts backwards, and now it all makes sense...

    NEVER leave anything valuable or that can identify you in your car.

    I could tell you horror stories... (since I answer the 911 calls).

    I can not tell you how often a purse is stolen out of a car, and within MINUTES - credit cards charged up, etc...

    And you are right about watching your kids... That is the downfall of doing what I do... I am "oh-too-familiar" with all the bad stuff that goes on, and how often it happens. It has cost me dearly. I am paranoid, and often untrusting...

    There is a balance between being safe, and being paranoid... I keep trying to meet somewhere in the middle, but then I find out something else that happened, and slide back to the paranoia...

    Don't loose the balance... It takes you to an ugly place...

  5. And Sariah is correct... Notify the police. You never know when this person could be stopped... and may still have your property with him...

    Then, it becomes chargable. If the property is not reported stolen, and they run checks on it - it comes back "clear" and appears to be the suspects...

    And the police DO adjust their patrols based on crime stats.